Agniveer recruits undergo training at a centre of Indian Army

Simulators for training on weapons, equipment are being established. While training of second batch begins March, subsequent batches will be inducted in May & November every year

New Delhi: More than 19,000 Agniveers of the Indian Army have begun training at nearly 40 centres across the country in specially curated courses which involve a heavy focus on simulation.

Sources in the defence establishment said the training methodology and infrastructure were adapted to meet the dual requirement of future-ready soldiers and short duration of engagement of Agniveers.

The training, which began on 1 January, involves both Basic and Advanced military programmes that have been optimised to a standard 24 to 31 weeks.

A large number of simulators for training on varied weapons and equipment are being established, sources said, adding that infrastructure creation and staffing of specialists in sports medicine and physiotherapy are being carried out as a pre-emptive measure for possible stress injuries at all training centres.

The Agniveers will further undergo seven weeks of on-the-job training (OJT) after their training at the allotted centre.

Sources explained that apart from the training imparted at the centres, which forms the first layer of inculcating discipline, the second phase will take place in the unit to which an Agniveer will be enrolled for four years of employment.

The tasks, training calendar and operational duties will enforce a sense of loyalty and duty to the organisation and the country, the sources said.

They added that the third phase of training will comprise interactions with peers, senior NCOs/JCOs (non-commissioned officers/junior commissioned officers) and (other) officers, which will add to an Agniveer’s personality and enable him to experience the Army as a “way of life”.

“All these layers will ensure that adequate discipline and ethos is imparted to an Agniveer in his four years of employment,” a source said.