China is again building dams on the border to improve the water supply process. This is what was seen in the satellite image. The dam is being constructed near the India-Nepal-Tibet tri-border. After such a satellite image (Satellite Image) came out on Thursday, there was a sensation. Analysis of the image revealed that it is being formed near the LAC or the Line of Actual Control. It is feared that the flow of other rivers will be blocked. Besides, the issue of China’s surveillance on India is also being considered.

A satellite image of the construction of a dam on the Chinese border surfaced on Twitter on Thursday. Analysis shows that China is building dams on both sides of the Yarlung Zangbo River, which descends through Arunachal Pradesh in the lower basin to Siang and Brahmaputra in Assam. Although this construction plan along the villages on the eastern and western sides of the Line of Actual Control was China’s. The dam is being built along the Mabza Zangbo River on the Tibetan border. The purpose of the 350 to 400 meter long dam built along the northern bank, just a few kilometers away from the trilateral border, is still unknown, experts said after geospatial analysis of satellite images. But presumably, the airport may be built around it.

Not only the construction of the dam, the movement of the Chinese Army is also increasing in this area. Army base is being built. According to international relations experts, the construction of the ‘super dam’ announced by China on the trilateral border will block the course of the Mabza Zhangbo River in such a way that it will flood the lower basin. As the Brahmaputra in Assam becomes dangerous, the same situation could happen if water is stored in this dam built by China.

According to Observer Research Foundation (ORF) senior researcher Sameer Patil, China has two motives behind building the dam. First is to disrupt India’s water security to conserve its own water. Secondly, the establishment of authority at the border has further strained the bilateral relationship. Incidentally, the relationship between India and China has been going uphill in recent times. Sometimes the clash between the armies of two countries in Galwan, sometimes the repetition of the same incident in Arunachal – due to these, India is keeping an eye on the neighbouring country. Meanwhile, satellite imagery raised new concerns about dam construction near the Line of Actual Control.