Baluchistan: A First Information Report (FIR) was lodged against Baloch leader Hidayatur Rehman on Monday for murder, attempt to murder and provocation of the people for violence and other charges as recently a police constable was killed in firing by a mob during violent protests in Gwadar, Geo TV reported.

The Home Minister of Baluchistan, Ziaullah Langove ordered the filing of an FIR against the Haq Do Tareek (HDT) movement leader Rehman on December 28 over the killing of a constable.

Geo TV reported that constable Yasir Saeed was killed in gunfire by Haq do Tehreek sit-in protesters, according to Baluchistan Police.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Baluchistan Chief Secretary (CS) Abdul Aziz Uqaili of Baluchistan presided over a high-level meeting to assess the situation in Gwadar, consider matters of public concern, and keep the peace.

Earlier in December, Pakistan Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langove and the advisor to Baluchistan CM Lala Rasheed, on a visit to Gwadar, expressed hope of ending the two-month-long 'Haq Do Tehreek' (HDT) protests by locals.

The growing anti-China sentiment in Gwadar may adversely impact the progress of key CPEC projects. The protests led by Rehman, affiliated with the Gwadar Rights Movement, have been going on for about two months.

Chinese citizens are facing increasing threats from different militant groups in Pakistan, with a rise in recent incidents of targeted attacks on China nationals.

Last week, the events took a new twist after a protest leader warned Chinese nationals to leave Gwadar by the end of the week.

However the HDT leader Maulana Hidayatur Rehman refused to meet the minister and the government leaders had to come away after meeting the second-tier leadership of the protesting groups, according to Pakistan daily Dawn.

In the last week of December, around 100 people were arrested in Baluchistan's port city of Gwadar as the provincial government struck with an iron fist at protesters and imposed an emergency law that prohibited the gathering of five or more people.

Moreover, the provincial government also imposed Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code in Gwadar, the Dawn newspaper reported.

"There will be a ban on all kinds of rallies, protests, sit-ins and gatherings of five or more people in the port city of Gwadar," the Baluchistan home department said in a statement.

Despite Section 144, workers and supporters of the Maulana Rehman-led Haq Do Tehreek (HDT) continued their protest, demanding the release of all people and activists of the movement.

Tensions continued to simmer in Pakistan's port city of Gwadar with protests continuing after clashes with supporters of the 'Haq Do Tehreek' (HDT). The clashes occurred last month between locals and security forces in Gwadar as protests against illegal fishing turned violent after some people were arrested in the port city.