The Army is in the process of posting 108 women officers in the rank of Colonel following a selection process, the government said in the Lok Sabha on Friday. The women officers, currently serving in the rank of Lt Colonel, were shortlisted for the promotion by a special selection board.

"Special Number 3 Selection Board for Women officers for promotion from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel was conducted with effect from January 9 to 21," Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt said.

He was replying to a question on the issue.

"A total of 244 women officers were considered by the Special Number 3 Selection Board and a total of 108 women officers have been empanelled. The process of posting of empanelled women officers is underway.

"The women officers are being granted all consequential benefits as per directions of the Supreme Court including career progression opportunities," he said.

To a separate question, the minister said the Indian Navy has opened all branches to women at graduate level entries.

He said the branches for graduate-level entries for women are executive, engineering, electrical and education.