New Delhi: Once it gets government approval, BrahMos Aerospace would require only eight years to develop the hypersonic version of the supersonic cruise missile which would then enable the forces to strike enemy targets much faster than before.

The forces have projected a requirement of hypersonic missiles and bombs and the requirement is being felt more after seeing the success of such weapons in the Russia-Ukraine war.

"If we want a hypersonic missile, we would take only eight years to develop it after approval from the government. The missile already flies at close to over 3,000 km per hour and the hypersonic version would enable to cause destruction in enemy camps at a much faster speed," BrahMos officials told ANI.

BrahMos Aerospace has done multiple upgrades in the missile with the defence forces as their ranges have been enhanced significantly through software and minor hardware upgrades.

The success rate of the BrahMos in test-firings has helped the Indo-Russian joint venture firm to export it to countries like the Philippines and many other customers are making enquiries about it.

The Brahmos missile has achieved big success within India. All the three services operate different versions of the missile system.

The missile system has also evoked a lot of interest among African and middle and South East Asian countries.

The missile system is produced in joint venture with a Russian government firm which is also involved in development of missiles in their own country as well.