Athens: Konstantinos Bogdanos, president of the Patriotic Force for Change (PATRIDA) and independent MP of A' Athens, has raised alarm for Pakistani criminality and the operation of the secret Chinese police station in Greece's capital, Greek City Times reported.

Bogdanos said the Islamic Pakistani minority in Athens is now prominent and acting uncontrollably under the tolerance of the government apparatus. He added that he has submitted dozens of parliamentary questions about the delinquent behaviour of the said community. However, these questions have been blatantly ignored, as per the news report.

Bogdanos also spoke about the existence of the secret police of China in a shop in Athens, which he has also raised in the Parliament, Greek City Times reported, adding that Bogdanos said he has not received any explanation.

Earlier, in December, exclusive information from journalist Vassilis Lambropoulos revealed that a special unit of the Chinese police existed in Athens, reported Greek publication, Directus. These units house people from China who seek out, threaten and blackmail Chinese dissidents to return home and suffer the consequences of their political choices, as per the news report.

A branch of the Chinese police department exists on Agesilaou Street in the centre of Athens, Directus reported. The building uses a storefront, a supposed service office for Chinese citizens. The dissidents are intimidated, kidnapped and forced transferred to China, the report stated further.

For this "department", there is a long-term investigation by the Hellenic Police. Reportedly, similar units of the Chinese police seem to exist in other nations as well.

Meanwhile, FBI counterintelligence raided an office building in New York that was allegedly being used as a secret Chinese "police" station, according to EPardafas report. The raid occurred at the American "Changle Association" headquarters, a non-profit organisation that used to help Chinese nationals in New York.

According to the Nepali website, the group's former chairman was Lu Jianshun, who in 2021 donated USD 4,000 to Eric Adams' mayoral campaign, EPardafas reported citing The New York Times.

China's secret police were located on the third floor of the organization's building and its unit is linked to unit code 11- Overseas, based in the Chinese province of Fujian.

After the FBI revealed to the receptionist at the acupuncturist's office about the "secret police station", the person appeared to be surprised, as per the EPardafas report. At the time of the visit, the station was closed and locals said that it was seldom opened.