Indian Army’s Western Command has carried out a series of integrated military drills and validation exercises to uphaul operational preparedness and striking capability. Headquartered at Haryana’s Chandimandir, the Western Command deployed the Charging Ram Division, Agnibaan Brigade, Air Defence Brigade, Panther Sappers, and the Golden Arrow Division under the series of exercises. The series of military drills began on January 26 and culminated on 1 February 2023.

Notably, the exercise involved the Kharga Corps and Vajra Corps of the Indian Army and was carried out in areas of Punjab and Haryana. Furthermore, the series of exercises employed the use of top-tier modern weapons and equipment of the Indian Army in an integrated environment and tested the operational preparedness of the forces. The series of drills began with Western Command’s Charging Ram Division undertaking integrated training deploying Apache helicopters from the Army Aviation Corps. The aim of this drill was to validate joint tactics, techniques, and procedures with Indian Army’s attack helicopters thereby enhancing “synergistic and coordinated” manoeuvres.

Western Command Upscaling Operational Readiness

The Agnibaan brigade under the Indian Army’s Western Command conducted integrated training of Infantry troops on 28 January. The training also employed the use of tanks and aimed to enhance the operational readiness and synergy of the troops in tactical battle zones. This was followed by another exercise employing the Western Command’s Air Defence Brigade.

Training and validation of battle drills were conducted by the brigade on January 30 with the objective to optimise operational readiness. Furthermore, cohesiveness was practised under simulated battlefield conditions during the day and night. The drill included the construction of trenches and setting up of army air defences within a limited time to counter the enemy in case of battle.

Meanwhile, the Panther Sappers carried out training to hone their skills in an obstacle-ridden terrain on January 30. The training drills undertaken by the combat engineers of the Panther Sappers included the practice of bridging and watermanship. The aim was to enhance battlefield mobility and the overall combat potential of the military assets.

At the culmination of the series of military drills, the Golden Arrow Division conducted training and small team exercises for infantry formations. The drill included the practice of combat swimming, day-night navigation, survival, demolition, and endurance. This was aimed to enhance the combat capabilities of troops undertaking special missions across the spectrum of operations.