Dharamshala: The Tibetans in-exile in Dharamshala on Tuesday celebrated Losar, the Tibetan New Year. Ministers and members of Tibetan government in-exile offered special prayers at the main Buddhist temple Tsuglagkhang here.

They welcomed the new 'Water Hare year 2150' and said goodbye to 'Water Tiger year 2149,' according to the the Tibetan lunar calender. Buddhists monks from Namgyal monastery led the prayer ceremony in Dharamshala this morning.

Nawang Jigmey, a monk from the monastery said: "This is the first day of lunar Tibetan new year. So, we celebrate by doing the protractor prayers especially the Palden Lhamo, the main protector of the Tibetan government in-exile and Tibetan government in general and specially the protector of the Dalai Lama."

"So, we pray to the Palden Lhamo and also for the local spirit to have good harvest and good rain. We always pray for wellness of all human beings. We pray to solve the issue of Tibet as soon as possible and for the well being of all human beings," Jigmey said.

Security minister of Tibetan government in-exile Dolma Tsering said, "As you know today is Losar, in Tibetan Lo is year and Sar is new so it's a new year for us. We Tibetans and also a lot of population in the Himalayan belt, follow the Tibetan lunar calendar which is very different and separate from the Chinese calendar."

"So, today Losar is being celebrated by all Tibetans both inside and outside Tibet... definitely I have in my heart the people living inside Tibet and we pray and look forward to a day that we are unified together under the leadership of his Holiness the Dalai Lama," he said.

The Tibetan Youth Congress recently organised Rangzen or freedom concert at Majnu ka Tila in New Delhi to mark the 110th anniversary of the 13th Dalai Lama's proclamation of reaffirmation of Tibet's independence.

Tibetans performed songs and dances to celebrate the independence of Tibet.

They showcased the independent lifestyle and freedom they enjoy while being outside of Tibet as compared to the lifestyle of Tibetans in occupied Tibet. The program showcased songs and dances focussing on Tibetan culture and their aspiration for independence.

Tibetan Youth Congress is a worldwide organization of Tibetans united in a common struggle for the restoration of complete independence for the whole of Tibet, which includes the traditional three provinces of U-Tsang, Do-toe, and Do-med.

The Tibet Press recently reported that the supression of Tibetans under China's authoritarian regime continues as the monitoring is becoming heavy with every passing day in the region.

Due to political sensitivity in the region, Tibetans experience harsher consequences and more intense monitoring than citizens in other countries, Tibet Press reported.