Islamabad: Pakistan is unwitting surrendering its sovereignty to China due to overdependence on Beijing resulting in its Sinicisation, reported Asian Lite International.

In this ongoing unholy alliance between the desperate and the covetous, the people of Pakistan need to speak now and ask searching questions to restore a modicum of their dignity, or may have to forever hold their peace!

Since the grand announcement of CPEC in Pakistan, there has been widespread discontent surrounding the projects associated with CPEC. Marginalization of the local population in Balochistan, the belief that CPEC funds are being embezzled by the powerful and that the projects are impoverishing the very people they were expected to alleviate, have given rise to a strong anti-China sentiment in the country, reported Asian Lite International.

Other than racial and cultural differences, measures such as transport of Chinese nationals in bulletproof cars under protection whilst Pakistanis employed in similar circumstances remain vulnerable to terror attacks and remarkably higher compensation to Chinese victims vis-a-vis Pakistani victims of terror attacks has strengthened the sense of alienation of Chinese in Pakistan.

In addition to the Sinicisation of Pakistan's internal security apparatus through Chinese equipment, network access, protocols and frameworks, China has also been able to wrest Pakistan's agreement to share details of focal security persons and submit Pakistani security personnel to background checks by China.

The onus of ensuring the security of the homes and hotels used by Chinese nationals has also been placed on Pakistan, reported Asian Lite International.

Moreover, China has grasped this issue and aims to arrest this sentiment. Typically, however, China has managed to make Pakistan responsible for building a positive environment for the Chinese by regular monitoring and timely curtailing of the negative public opinion regarding China and the Chinese!

China has been able to exploit the destitution of its 'friend' and maximise its entrenchment in the internal security affairs of Pakistan. Certain aspects of the recent agreement trample on Pakistan's sovereignty with disdain, reported Asian Lite International.

The Chinese contempt for Pakistan's professionalism and lack of earnestness is evident in the way they are practically taking over Pakistan's internal security apparatus and defining the rules of business.

This, when seen in the backdrop of the larger collusion between the two countries in the fields of space, communication, cyber and networking, leaves the entire Pakistani security apparatus subject to Chinese will.

Going forward, networking, cyber and communication infrastructure would comprise the core of Pakistan's governmental functioning and this compromise by Pakistan will nurture intertwined, irreplaceable and, therefore, dangerous dependencies on China.