Islamabad: Pakistan on Friday reiterated its demand for a joint probe into the accidental firing of a supersonic BrahMos missile by India which landed in its territory and sought a "satisfactory response" from New Delhi on the incident that took place a year ago. The Foreign Office here issued a statement on the completion of one year since the BrahMos missile was fired from Suratgarh in Rajasthan and fell into Pakistani territory on March 9, 2022.

The services of three officers of the Indian Air Force were terminated in August last year after a Court of Inquiry (CoI) found that deviation from the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) by them led to the accidental firing of the missile.

"Despite the lapse of one year, the Government of India has not acceded to Pakistan's demand of a joint probe in order to accurately establish the facts surrounding this serious incident," the Pakistan Foreign Office said.

"India has also not shared findings of its internal inquiry with Pakistan," it said.

The Foreign Office alleged that India unilaterally and hastily closed the so-called internal inquiry which raised serious questions on the command and control systems in place in India for its strategic weapons.

"Pakistan reiterates its demand for a joint probe into this irresponsible incident," it said.

"We also expect satisfactory response to and clarification of several fundamental questions regarding security protocols and technical safeguards against accidental or unauthorised launch of missiles in a nuclearised environment," it added.

The Foreign Office stated that the missile endangered human life and property and posed a grave threat to regional and international peace, security and stability.

Last year also, Pakistan demanded that the Indian government provide specific responses to the queries raised by Islamabad after the incident and accede to its call for a joint probe.