New Delhi: Hailing India's effort in calling for peace amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares Bueno said that India is doing a great job when it comes to bridging the gap between the West and Russia and he hoped that peace will be maintained within the principles of United Nations Charter.

"India is doing a great effort to bring us together, to do the most, to allow us to express all points of view and I hope that we will all be united around peace and peace within the principles of the United Nations charter", said the Minister in response to ANI.

When asked about his expectations of the joint statement post the meeting, the minister said that he doesn't think that Russians are in the mood of doing it.

"The speech that I have heard and seen from the Russian Foreign Minister, I don't think that Russia is ready to accept an acceptable statement. A statement that calls for peace and justice, for peace within the principles of the UN Charter. So, it is up to them but I don't think that they are in the mood of doing it", he said.

Speaking further about the meeting, Jose said that he addressed issues like terrorism, cyber security, and climate change and also mentions the economic and global effects that the ongoing conflict had on the World.

"We have also claimed that this war has an economic, social, and global effect and of course. Spain is eager to help all countries that are suffering from the security and energy crisis. We have large development funds to make sure that all that we are doing for Ukraine, as long as it's needed is not to the detriment of Africa or Latin America", said the Minister.

"I have addressed some of the global phenomena like Terrorism and cyber security, climate change. We need multilateralism, we need G20. Right now the war in Ukraine is not only a threat to Ukraine but it's also a threat to multilateralism and to the basic principles of the multilateral world", he added.