Islamabad: Imran Khan's lawyers on Wednesday alleged a conspiracy to kill the former Pakistan premier in prison, according to a video posted from the official Twitter handle of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI).

After a meeting with Imran Khan for an hour and a half, one of his lawyers said the former Prime Minister complained of experiencing chest pains.

Imran claimed that his meals were being laced with insulin in a bid to induce a heart attack, PTI quoted his lawyers as claiming further.

One of his lawyers briefed the media about the meeting with Imran Khan, saying that all four of his lawyers met him for an hour and a half after getting permission from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) court.

"We asked him if he was tortured. He said he had been experiencing pain in his heart since morning," one of his lawyers was quoted by the PTI as saying.

"This is an attempt to kill him. He (Imran Khan) said he was not being allowed to sleep," the lawyer further informed further, sharing details about the conversation he had with the former premier.

"Imran Khan was brought to the police lines at 3 am and was put in a dirty room which neither had a toilet nor a bed," his lawyer claimed.

"He was not given a morsel to eat since 3 am (Wednesday)," the lawyer added.

On the ongoing civilian protests and violence that erupted across Pakistan in the wake of Imran's arrest and continues, his lawyer said they briefed Imran on it.

He urged the people to keep fighting for the restoration of the rule of law in the country, the lawyer claimed.

"When we informed him that people were still out on the streets, holding protests against his arrest, he asked us to inform the masses that they have to keep fighting for the restoration of the rule of law," the lawyer said.

On Tuesday, Imran was arrested outside Islamabad High Court by Pakistan Rangers on a warrant issued by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

He was dragged out of Islamabad High Court. According to reports in Pakistani media, he was allegedly made to crawl when they held his neck and dragged the former premier towards a police vehicle.