Garcetti's comments came in response to the violence that broke out across Pakistan last week following the arrest of ex-PM Imran Khan on corruption charges

United States ambassador Eric Garcetti Wednesday emphasised the importance of maintaining peace and upholding the rule of law in Pakistan after the violence broke out across the country last week following the arrest of ex-prime minister Imran Khan on corruption charges connected the Abdul Qadir Trust case. The cricketer-turned-politician was arrested from inside the Islamabad High Court - a small army of paramilitary personnel rushed into the building and dragged him out - and the incident sparked clashes that left at least six dead and caused extensive damage to property.

Addressing a media briefing in Mumbai, Garcetti said the United States shares - with India and other countries - common concerns over the stability of the Pakistani government.

"… we want stability in Pakistan… hope there will not be any unrest and we stay engaged with them because of this… I think this (objective) serves both India, the US and the world," he said and acknowledged that the responsibility for the resolution of this crisis is with the Pakistani people.

"But… we will stand for those values (that of democracy) anyway," he affirmed.

Last week the United States secretary of state said president Joe Biden's government would not take a position on the developing situation in Pakistan. "We just want to make sure that whatever happens in Pakistan is consistent with the rule of law, with the Constitution," Antony Blinken said.

His comment was echoed by the United Kingdom's foreign secretary James Cleverly, who said: "We want to see peaceful democracy in that country. We want to see the rule of law adhered to."

Garcetti's Wednesday remarks were in response to the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan after Khan was arrested by that country anti-corruption agency, the National Accountability Bureau. Visuals shared by media agencies in Pak showed vehicles on fire and Khan's supporters clashing with cops.

Six deaths have been reported so far.

Imran Khan is presently out on bail in the Al Qadir Trust case, which relates to the establishment of a university for Sufism in 2019 in Pakistan's Punjab. Khan also faces other cases, including the Toshakhana corruption case.