Srinagar: The G20 meeting in Srinagar presents an opportunity to improve the psyche of the people as the region has long been plagued by a negative and insular political culture polluted by secessionism and bloodshed, International Centre for Peace Studies reported.

The desire to discover an alternative strategy has become firmly imprinted in the thoughts of the valley's residents over time. Kashmiris are now making a conscious decision to wake up and examine everything going on around them with practicality.

The G20 meeting in Srinagar is expected to keep alive the spirit of soul-searching and self-correction.

Since the advent of secessionist movements in Kashmir, which created different divisions within the region, those at the forefront of these movements have exploited these differences, leaving little room for alternative opinions, according to International Centre for Peace Studies.

Discourse handlers have played a crucial role in promoting this narrative by maintaining ambiguity and allowing conflict-oriented words to dominate the discourse. However, a new discourse centred on involvement has gained popularity since 2019, resulting in a diverse variety of stakeholders steadily demanding their place in the dialogue. Given the upcoming G20 working conference in Srinagar, this scholarly inquiry places itself within the larger context of Kashmir.

It is important to note that the goal here is not to undermine or dismiss legitimate political grievances expressed by various parties; rather, it is to critically examine the potential of "engagement" as a means of uncovering solutions to the broader issues at hand, as well as to explore the possible outcomes.

In the current environment, India has taken up the chairmanship of the G20, an organisation of wealthy global economies. The organising committee has taken on the duty of allocating time and opportunities among selected areas throughout the country, with the primary goal of highlighting its potential. This project aims to highlight India's inherent diversity, embracing both geographical and cultural features, as per a report published in International Centre for Peace Studies.

Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to highlight the country's commitment to market prospects and the promotion of ecotourism. Notably, the primary goal here is to engage India's rising youth population, who had traditionally been denied opportunity for various reasons.

Srinagar, in the Kashmir region, has emerged as a compelling candidate for exemplifying India's diversity. Kashmir, being one of the best tourist destinations in South Asia, presents itself as a suitable location for the G-20 working summit, with a strong emphasis on the tourism sector. The Kashmir valley has seen a significant increase in investment in recent months.

Notably, the Emaar enterprise, a business organisation based in the United Arab Emirates, has initiated building a commercial tower in the city centre, thereby generating a job market for the local young. The administration of the union territory also exhibits its dedication to growth, as seen by visual evidence exhibiting many active initiatives in the city centre and its immediate surroundings, read a report in International Centre for Peace Studies.

Prior to the repeal of Article 370, the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is now a Union Territory, endured frequent disruptions in the midst of national, bilateral, and international engagements. Previous peace processes failed to produce significant results. Similarly, since May, secessionists backed by Pakistan have made concerted efforts to derail the upcoming G20 summit.

Armed men acting on orders from across the border have posed a danger to regional peace in Poonch, Jammu division, for more than two weeks.

The Poonch terrorist attack killed five troops, with one terrorist killed and others being sought. Security personnel have also detained local sympathisers. The People's Anti-Fascist Front (PAFF), an evolved branch of Lashkar-e-Taiba, has recently issued open threats and has plainly selected the G20 meeting as its next target. According to the group, the event seeks to portray Kashmir as a normal territory, as opposed to their position that the territory should be regarded as disputed, undercutting India's position.

The G20 meeting in Srinagar is expected to keep that spirit of correction alive. Best wishes to Kashmir and to the Kashmiris, International Centre for Peace Studies reported.