Beijing: The modern People's Republic of China (PRC) has not only adopted Sun Tzu's philosophies but all Chinese military troops appear to have memorized his work, reported The Times of Israel.

Sun Tzu was a military strategist who lived during the Eastern Zhou period of 771 to 256 BCE. He is famously known for his book 'The Art of War', a guide on how to successfully engage in conflict and battle.

Vas Shenoy, a political researcher, writes in The Times of Israel that phrases such as indirect strategy, maximum profit with minimum effort, avoiding combat, some and mirrors, and deceit, are the terms used by Sun Tzu.

Russia's attack on Ukraine today has brought war back to Europe. Vladimir Putin's attack on Kyiv does not follow Master Sun's maxim that an enemy should be subdued without a fight, but China has continued to prefer cold wars over hot wars.

With the exception of Xi Jinping, every member of the Central Military Commission is a general or admiral who has mastered the "Art of War" to the letter, wrote Vas Shenoy.

The first precept of Xi Jinping's China is the employment of espionage and unconventional warfare. China has more active hackers (live agents) than the majority of other nations. The most active spies are those that aggressively seek economic, technological, and personal information and spread misinformation, as per The Times of Israel.

There are no restrictions on what the PRC can do, from selling surveillance cameras to survey streets, traffic signals, and sensitive installations to a contemporary app like TikTok that is used to collect data on users throughout the world, distort information, and propagate propaganda.

There are 102 abroad Chinese police stations in 53 nations, including Italy, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, according to the human rights organisation Safeguard Defenders, which brought attention to the matter for the first time in 2022.

These Chinese spies run illegal Chinese police stations, gathering information on Chinese citizens and those who oppose the current Chinese regime. They live legally in Italy and other countries that housed them under the pretext of police stations. All of this was accomplished by deceiving the host government.

Another instance of the current Chinese government using Master Sun's technique is attacking where resistance is little. You dissipate, moving in the direction of the place of least resistance, wherever they strike.

Pakistan, which is currently in upheaval, can serve as an example. The nation is China's go-to ally in any situation and was a crucial ally of NATO during its invasion of Afghanistan.

As a result of the current unrest in Pakistan and the West's abandoning of Afghanistan, China has gained access to Afghanistan's natural riches, particularly lithium, the fuel of the future. Afghanistan, ruled by the Taliban and considered a pariah by the West and a threat to its patron Pakistan, maybe the newest member of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), taking the place of Italy, which seems is on its way out.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Beijing on February 4, 2022. He and Chinese Premier Xi declared a relationship with "no limits." The two nations, who have a 4,200 km shared border, were adversaries during the Cold War. The genuine start of the Sino-Russian rapprochement came following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Following his "no limits friendship" proclamation, Putin invaded Ukraine, isolating Russia and forcing it to depend on China. Russia has changed from being a rival to being an extension of China.

By supporting Putin, Xi could put another Master Sun's teaching into practice in a single action, reported The Times of Israel.