Jammu: The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Anil Chouhan on Monday said that the Indian army has procured sufficient quantities of an anti-drone system and deployed it on the borders to meet the immediate challenges on borders being posed by the enemy.

“The armed forces have procured the sufficient number of anti-drone systems to meet the increasing drone threat on the borders,” the CDS, Anil Chouhan said, while responding to media queries after the inauguration of three-day North Tech Symposium at IIT-Jammu.

There is an imminent threat of drones from the enemy on the borders and we are well aware of that, the CDS said.

“I won’t say large numbers, but a sufficient number of anti-drone system has been procured and deployed along the borders of J&K by the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Navy, to meet the imminent challenge of drone threat from across the border, t CDS said in reply to a media query.

“The armed forces are aware of this threat from across the border (drone threat),” he said, while adding, “the anti-drone system has been successfully tested and deployed on the borders” to meet the immediate requirement."