A joint venture between French aerospace giant Dassault and Reliance Aerospace is gearing up to commence the production of Falcon business jets in Nagpur, Maharashtra, by 2025. The aim is to unveil the first Falcon 2000 LXS jet from Nagpur in early 2025.

Initially, the production capacity is slated for 18 aircraft annually, with potential expansion to 22 aircraft. The Nagpur facility, established to fulfil offset obligations tied to the Rafale aircraft deal, has been manufacturing components for the fighter jet. Notably, the first cockpit assembly of Falcon 2000 was delivered from this facility in 2019.

The initial deliveries from the DRAL facility are intended for the French Defence Ministry, which has ordered nine aircraft from Dassault. The production of these business jets is expected to conclude within the next 18 months.

Falcon jets, known for their 3000-4000 nautical mile range, are in demand among charter operators in India.