On Sunday (29 October), Dagestan's main airport was closed by Russia's aviation agency due to a mob incident

The airport was stormed by the mob in search of Israeli citizens, following reports of an incoming plane from Israel. As a result, flights were diverted.

"Following the entry of unknown people into the traffic zone of Makhachkala airport, it has been decided to temporarily close the airport to arriving and departing flights," said Rossavitsia, adding that the security forces had arrived there, AFP reported.

According to Russian state media outlets Izvestia and RT, a group of several dozen men entered the airport and made their way onto the runway. This reportedly occurred after they were informed that a plane had arrived from Israel.

Videos circulating on Telegram depict individuals breaching barriers, commandeering vehicles that had exited the airport, and gaining access to the airport premises.

A video captured a man climbing onto the wing of a plane owned by the Russian Red Wings company.

A Red Wings flight from Tel Aviv arrived in Makhachkala at 7:00 pm local time (1600 GMT), as reported by Flightradar.

According to the Russian independent media Sota, the flight was scheduled to stop in Makhachkala before continuing on to Moscow.

Based on social media posts, it was noted that certain individuals within the mob at the airport had requested to inspect the passports of individuals before proceeding towards the aircraft.

A man in the group held a poster stating "Killers of children have no place in Dagestan," while others could be heard shouting "Allah Akbar" in the videos.

On Sunday, it was reported by RIA Novosti news agency that a Jewish centre in Nalchik, a city in Kabardino-Balkaria, another North Caucasus republic, had been set on fire.