A blast near the Israel embassy in New Delhi has raised security concerns, leading to an extensive investigation and increased security measures. While no injuries were reported, the discovery of an abusive letter near the site adds a concerning element to the incident.

On Tuesday evening, a blast occurred near the Israel embassy in the Chanakyapuri diplomatic enclave in New Delhi. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in the incident. However, an abusive letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador was discovered near the site, raising concerns about the security of the embassy.

Upon receiving a call about a loud sound emanating from Jindal House behind the embassy at 5:53 pm, the police control room (PCR) promptly dispatched teams from the Crime Branch, bomb disposal squad, dog squad, and forensic department to the scene. An extensive search operation was conducted in the area, lasting nearly three hours. Additionally, a team from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrived to examine the site.

Echoes of The 2021 Blast

The explosion and the discovery of the letter serve as a grim reminder of the 2021 blast near the embassy, which resulted in damage to several cars. The NIA had previously investigated that incident.

Heightened Security Measures

Security around the Israel embassy has been elevated since the outbreak of the conflict between Israel and Hamas earlier this year. Following the explosion, which occurred in a green belt area outside the Central Hindi Training Institute near the embassy, teams from the Delhi Police's Special Cell, bomb disposal squad, and fire department swiftly arrived at the scene. Subsequently, a team from the NIA conducted an examination of the site.

Investigation Underway

Israeli embassy spokesperson Guy Nir confirmed the incident, stating that the blast occurred in close proximity to the embassy at approximately 5:48 pm. The Delhi Police and the embassy's security team are actively investigating the situation. Deputy Chief of Mission Israel Ohad Nakash Kaynar reassured that all diplomats and workers are safe and that their security teams are fully cooperating with local Delhi security to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Discovery of Abusive Letter

Police sources revealed the discovery of a typed letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador near the explosion site behind the embassy premises. The letter, deemed abusive in nature, has been sent to the forensic lab for fingerprint analysis. It is a one-page letter written in English and is suspected to be linked to an organization, according to a police source.

Enhanced Security Measures

In response to the incident, security has been further bolstered around the embassy and other Israeli establishments. A thorough search operation was conducted in the vicinity of the embassy, covering every corner of the area. Experts have meticulously examined the scene and collected potential exhibits for forensic examination, as stated in a statement released by the Delhi Police. The investigation is ongoing.

Absence of Explosive Traces

Notably, no traces of burnt explosives were found at the scene. Security officials who visited the site suggested that the possibility of a chemical explosion cannot be ruled out due to the absence of explosive remnants.

Previous Incident In 2012

In February 2012, a bomb was planted under an Israeli embassy car in Delhi, resulting in injuries to a diplomat's wife.