by Ehsanullah Ehsan

A few days ago, an article of mine was published in The Sunday Guardian titled “ISIS leadership enjoys hospitality of Pakistani agencies” in which I shared the details of the hospitality that ISIS Khorasan and its fighters were enjoying from the Pakistani agencies while staying in Pakistan under the protection of the army in return, for acting as the proxy of the Pakistan army in Afghanistan.

After the publication of my article, ISI’s paid social media trolls started their efforts to discredit me in response to the facts and evidence that were published in the article. Instead of discussing the facts or refuting it by presenting proof, they resorted to lies.

Truth cannot be changed with lies and rhetoric. In the present article I am going to share more facts proving the relationship and friendship of ISIS Khorasan with the Pakistani state institutions so that the world can know the truth and the secret of the deceitful game being played by the Pakistani institutions. It is my challenge to the institutions of Pakistan to deny the facts stated by me here by giving proof

In the previous article, I had mentioned the details of ISIS fighters from the Orakzai Agency. Today I am bringing out the details of the ISIS cadre and commanders from Bajaur Agency, who have been staying as guests in the guest houses of Pakistan institutions and are being used to kill scholars and local tribal leaders in Bajaur Agency. They are also involved in suicide attacks, including a recent suicide attack on a meeting of a religious and political party, which was carried out at the behest and direction of Pakistani institutions.

It is worth noting that after every major attack, Pakistani government institutions make big announcements of investigations and arrests, but no investigations and arrests are ever carried out in the attacks that are carried by Daesh Khorasan including in the suicide attack mentioned above. This happened because the suicide attacker was known to them and he was a guest in their guest houses.

I am listing below the details of those fighters from Bajaur Agency of Daesh Khorasan who are now staying as state guests in the guest houses of state institutions.

1. Hameed ullah S/O Abdul Qayyum (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 2. Bakhtiar S/O Mamad Gulab (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 3. Noor Islam S/O Muhammad Zamin (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 4. Taj Wali S/O Shah Wali (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 5. Niaz Wali S/O Shah Wali (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 6. Hameed ullah S/O Mazeer (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 7. Jahan Zada S/O Mazeer (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 8. Mangal Bagh S/O Namoos Khan (Tehsil Wara Mamond); 9. Abdul Rahman S/O Namoos Khan (Tehsil Wara Mamond);10. Guerrilla son of Zubair Kaka (Tehsil Loe Mamond); 11. Anas son of Zubair Kaka (Tehsil Loe Mamond). 12. Nizam son of Abdullah (Tehsil Loe Mamond); 13-Qari Akrama son of Gulab Shah (Bajaur Reyasat); 14. Osama son of Azhar (Tehsil Wara Mamond Duma Dola); 15. Nizam son unknown (Tehsil Wara Mamond, Duma Dola); 16. Nabeel (Tehsil Wara Mamond, Duma Dola); 17. Saifullah Qari (Bajaur Reyasat); 18. Tajwali (Tehsil Wara Mamond, Kaga); 19. Yasir (Tehsil Wara Mamond, Dabara); 20. Sher Wali son of Muzeer (Tehsil Wara Mamond).

The Pakistan army officers, who are posted in Bajaur Agency, and are responsible for protecting the ISIS fighters and commanders from the operations of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Afghanistan Taliban) are Brigadier Rao Imran (Commander of North Sector Bajaur Scouts), Colonel Iqbal Jadoon and Colonel Khalil Taj Keyani (171 Wing Commander). There are other ISI and MI officers who do not reveal their real names but are a part of this project. This includes an official who goes by the name of “Colonel Zahir”, which is not his real name, but his code name.

The Pakistani armed institutions, as I have detailed, are working on plans to use ISIS Khorasan against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The use of ISIS fighters by the Pakistani army will increase in the future because of Pakistan’s economic situation, the army’s declining popularity among the people, and the armed operation in the tribal areas. The hatred for the army has reached a significant level in the hearts of people of Pakistan due to its failure to bring peace and order to the country despite consuming the national budget on a large scale.

Therefore, ISIS is the last option the Pakistan army has, which they want to use as a proxy to put pressure on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan so that it can continue getting international aid and financial support from the West by telling them that Islamabad is the only player that can control Kabul.

If the Taliban, for any reason, comes under the pressure of Pakistan’s army’s nefarious designs and surrenders its autonomy to them, then it will be catastrophic for the entire region. So it is important that those in authority in Kabul bring out in the open the unholy alliance between ISIS and the Pakistan Army.

Ehsanullah Ehsan is a former spokesperson of Tehreek-e-Taliban