Indian Army is set to procure 10 vehicles from BEML initially

The Indian army has proposed requirement of 24 such vehicles for its 4 regiments of Arjun Tank. During the Vibrant Gujarat summit of 2024, the Vayu Aerospace review has informed that Indian Army is going to procure 10 Arjun ARRVs to start the procurement process. In 2018, the DAC has given approval for acquisition of Arjun ARRV.

On 5th September 2023, Indian has released an RFI for the procurement of 170 Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) based on tracked platform. This Request for Information (RFI) is being issued with a view to finalise SQRs, decide procurement category and identify probable Indian vendors who are capable to commence supply of ARV within two years of Award of Contract / Supply Order at the rate of at least 50 ARV vehicles per year.

The Armoured Recover Vehicle (ARV) is a tracked platform which provides the capability to provide repair and recovery cover during operations. The proposed ARV should possess adequate cross-country mobility and protection.

The ARV will be employed for cross country (off road) operations in environment such as plain, high altitude, semi-desert and desert terrain.

The ARV should have the capability to carry at least 6 (Six) Persons (including Driver and Commander) and must have utility equipment to include Crane, Dozer, Winches, General tools and Special Maintenance Tools, ancillary equipment etc to undertake repair and recovery role. The Gross vehicle weight of ARV should be 45-50 Ton including carriage capacity of minimum 2 Ton of spares/ equipment on the loading platform. The ARV is also expected to have one Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) with In-service 12.7 mm Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun & Smoke Grenade Launcher.

Arjun Armoured Recovery & Repair Vehicle (ARRV)

For this requirement CVRDE, a premier DRDO establishment has designed and developed Arjun Armoured Recovery & Repair Vehicle (ARRV). The vehicle is built on MBT Arjun Mk 1A chassis with sponson type hull structure. Major automotive sub-systems and components of the ARRV has commonality with MBT Arjun to ensure simplified spares inventory, crew training and maintenance, leading to easier and more effective and efficient logistics management.

The AARV is capable of recovery of bogged down vehicle in different terrain. It can perform winch & Crane operation with wired pendant. It can also perform earth moving activities- ground preparation, light dozing etc, using Anchor-cum-Dozer (ACD).

It can also repair armoured vehicles using inbuilt welding & cutting facilities and carries spare power pack. It also has fuelling & defueling, & Medium fording capability. It also features inbuilt Remote Control Weapon System.

The Arjun ARRV is primarily meant to render requisite recovery & repair cover to Arjun MBT throughout its life span and also it can be used effectively with other heavy military equipment. As per DAP 2020, PSQR USER trials, DGQA trials, MET and EMI/EMC trials completed successfully.

The new RFI released by Indian army in Sep 2023 for 170 ARRV is to replace existing WZT3 ARRV supplied by Bumar of Poland, is based on a T-72 tank chassis.