Akasa Air, India’s youngest budget airline, is set to launch its first international service between Mumbai and Doha starting March 28, making it a significant milestone in the airline’s growth since its launch in August 2022. The airline will operate four weekly non-stop flights, utilizing its fleet of 22 Boeing 737 Max aircraft for the new route.

The announcement was made by Akasa Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Vinay Dube, who expressed confidence that the new service will cater to a diverse set of travelers from both countries, facilitating tourism, commerce, and strengthening bilateral ties. Dube also highlighted the airline’s commitment to providing a signature Akasa experience for passengers and aims to become the preferred carrier on the Mumbai-Doha route.

With its overseas debut, Akasa Air is poised to expand its presence beyond the domestic market, having been granted traffic rights to fly to other Middle Eastern destinations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This move marks the next phase of growth for the budget airline, as it seeks to capitalize on the demand for international travel and further establish its foothold in the aviation industry.

The decision to launch international services comes at a time when the aviation sector is showing signs of recovery, with an increase in domestic air traffic in January. As Akasa Air gears up for its inaugural Mumbai-Doha flight, it signals a significant development for the airline and the potential for further expansion into the international market.

In summary, Akasa Air’s upcoming launch of its Mumbai-Doha international service represents a key strategic move for the airline as it aims to capitalize on international travel demand and further establish its presence in the global aviation industry. With the new route, the airline anticipates facilitating tourism and commerce between India and Qatar while providing passengers with a unique travel experience.