Gottingen: The Baloch Republican Party, held a demonstration in Germany's Gottingen city against the military operations and "fake encounters" carried out by the Pakistan Army in Baluchistan.

While claiming that Pakistan's spy agencies are involved in gross human rights violations in Baluchistan, the demonstrators demanded that the international community stop supporting Islamabad financially.

The protesters alleged that Pakistan is able to commit crimes "with the help of the international community's aid."

On the other hand, the Balochistan National Movement UK Chapter campaigned in the city of Leeds with the aim of garnering support for the Baloch cause. Earlier, the organisation campaigned in the cities of London and Manchester.

Baloch activists, through their rallies and campaigns on foreign soil, are aiming to shed light on the struggles and aspirations of the Baloch people for their rights and aspirations in and outside Pakistan.

Baloch activists are also signing a petition urging the international authorities to take action on the ongoing genocide of their community members. They are demanding the United Nations and human rights organisations take action and hold the authorities accountable for the crimes committed in Baluchistan. The activists want a fact-finding mission headed by the United Nations Working Group to investigate the matter.

In Pakistan's most underdeveloped area, Baluchistan, the country's intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, has been accused of committing all kinds of atrocities, including, abduction, killing and torture, to instil fear.

Injustice and a strong feeling of alienation have forced some Baloch people to pick up arms that are continuously targeting the Pakistani Army personnel and Chinese assets in their region.

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