Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A total of 179 terrorist incidents were recorded in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan till April 30 this year, according to the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), as reported by ARY News.

According to the CTD's latest report, 91 terrorists were also killed in 2024.

According to ARY News, January saw 60 terrorist incidents, followed by February with 38, March with 33, and April with 48. Notably, February marked the highest number of terrorists, 31, killed in KP.

Further, the report details that 19 terrorists were eliminated in Dera Ismail Khan and 14 in North Waziristan. Additionally, it highlights that among the killed terrorists, 16 were on the most-wanted list, including individuals such as Mohsin Qadir, Azmatullah, and Fareedullah.

The CTD report unveils the recovery of 2 suicide jackets, 36 hand grenades, and 247 kilograms of explosives, as per ARY News.

The report also reveals that 10 attacks were reported on police teams this year, highlighting the challenging security situation in the province.

Last year, the Counter-Terrorism Department's (CTD) report on the terror incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that as many as 563 terror incidents occurred in 2023 and out of these, police were targeted 243 times.

As per the report's findings, Dera Ismail Khan recorded the highest number of terrorist incidents, totalling 132, followed by Khyber with 103 incidents, and Peshawar with 89 reported terror activities.

The report further revealed that 86 times terrorists attacked North Waziristan and 50 times South Waziristan. The report further said that as many as 837 terrorists were taken into custody.

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