Nairobi: India has issued advisory for its nationals in Kenya, as protests against a tax hike turned violent creating a rampage in the African nation.

The Indian Embassy in Kenya on Tuesday, advised the Indian nationals there to "exercise utmost caution" and avoid the areas affected by the protests and violence till the situation improves.

The Indian mission also advised the Indian nationals to follow local news and Mission's website and social media handles for updates.

"In view of the prevailing tense situation, all Indians in Kenya are advised to exercise utmost caution, restrict non-essential movement and avoid the areas affected by the protests and violence till the situation clears up," the Embassy stated.

This comes as the protests against proposed tax hikes in Kenya are the target of widespread protests, which are expected to culminate in a "total shutdown" of the nation.

The people in the country have been organising rallies under the title of "7 Days of Rage" in response to the Finance Bill 2024, which has generated additional days of unrest around the country, reported CNN.

Meanwhile, amid raging protests, Auma Obama, the half-sister of former US President Barack Obama, was teargassed live on air on Tuesday, CNN reported.

The incident occurred when Auma Obama, who is a Kenyan-British activist, was in a chat with CNN's Larry Madowo with a group of teenage protestors.

"I can't even see anymore, we're being teargassed," she said.

The demonstrations coincide with Kenya's rising international profile following US President Joe Biden's designation of the country as a "major non-NATO ally" on Monday.

This is the first time a country in sub-Saharan Africa has been granted this designation.

In May, as part of a major state visit to the White House honouring 60 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries, Biden declared his intention to promote Kenya to this status.

(With Inputs From International Agencies)