Elon Musk was expected to visit India in April and meet PM Modi but his visit was cancelled

New Delhi: India's talented youth and a stable democratic polity will provide a safe business environment to all partners, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. PM Modi said this in reply to billionaire Elon Musk, who on Friday had congratulated the Prime Minister on his re-election for a record third term.

Musk informed that his companies are looking to invest in India soon.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO was expected to visit India on April 21 and 22 and also meet PM Modi. However, he later postponed it citing "very heavy Tesla obligations”.

Musk later said he looks forward to coming to India later this year.

Musk met PM Modi in June 2023 in the US. The tech billionaire expressed confidence that Tesla would enter the Indian market soon, along with Starlink, the satellite internet service.

Tesla is also expected to set up its manufacturing unit in India and make large-scale investments.

The carmaker had, in 2023, asked the Indian government to make duty cuts to import its vehicles into the country.

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