India Friday offered to help Pakistan eliminate terror on its soil following Prime Minister Imran Khan's glaring admission that his country housed "30,000 to 40,000" jihadists.

In an exclusive interview to Aaj Tak, his first after assuming charge as Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh maintained that any future talks with Islamabad would focus solely on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Singh, however, regretted that the Imran Khan government has displayed no sincerity in taking action against Lashkar chief Hafiz Saeed and other terrorists.


The Pakistan Prime Minister, noted Singh, has acknowledged the presence of terrorists in his country.

"Imran Khan has accepted this. If you are sincere about controlling terror but are unable to do it, you can take your neighbour India's cooperation should you like," the Defence Minister offered. "Why not act against terrorists together?"

But Pakistan has taken no concrete measure against terror, Singh added.

"It doesn't seem they have intentions (to fight the scourge). No sincere effort is being made against terrorists," the Defence Minister remarked in response to Pakistan's claims about action against Hafiz Saeed.


Singh warned Islamabad against any misadventure, saying India is far more prepared to deal with any eventuality if a war breaks out.

"A lot of changes have happened because of military upgrade that took place after the the Kargil events," he said, remembering the heroes of the 1999 conflict with Pakistan. "Our military has acquired the latest weaponry. If a war takes place, God forbid, our victory will be even more glorious than that achieved by our soldiers in 1965, 1971 or 1999. That way, we are better prepared," he added.

The Defence Minister, however, insisted that India, on its own, seeks no conflict.

"We are a peace-loving nation. Even during Balakot strikes, we didn't attack the Pakistani army or impacted Pakistan's sovereignty. But we are very much capable. Our forces are much more capable than before, be it the army, the IAF or the navy," he said. "As Defence Minister, I would like to assure the country that no power in the world can hurt India's pride."


Singh made it clear that any negotiation with Pakistan would only be held over PoK.

"If talks are to take place, they will be held on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. I have said this before," he said.