India finally approved a deal with Russia on the world’s most dangerous defence missile system, bypassing the American ban warning. The $ 5 billion deal was confirmed in a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday afternoon. There were agreements between the two countries on mutual cooperation from nuclear to inter-state.

In its first reaction after the deal, the US said that it does not want its allies or partner countries’ military capability to suffer. After a bilateral meeting with Putin, PM Modi said – Russia has always stood with India and it has played an important role in India’s development.

Come, 10 things related to them-

1. In a joint statement with Putin, PM Modi said – “Our relationship is rapidly growing in a rapidly changing world. Our relationship between the two countries has strengthened over time. “

2. Ignoring the American warning, New Delhi went ahead with the deal and did not announce it aggressively. The Air Force chief told reporters – when the government approves it, its delivery will start on 24 months.

3. The S-400 is the world’s most sophisticated long-range air defence system. China was the first country to buy the S-400 in 2014. Rousse has begun delivery of the S-400 to Beijing. However, it is not known how many defence missiles he has purchased.

4. India is hoping that the government of US President Donald Trump will give it a waiver in the defence deal. The reason for this is that due to the increasing military strength of China, New Delhi remains firm on this deal. China’s strategic forces have also left the United States restless.

5. The US Embassy in New Delhi, in its first response, said that Russia has been banned because of its ‘deadly behaviour’, not to damage the military capability of its allies or partner countries. He said that no such ban can be decided in advance. The US said that even if something like this happens, it will depend on the basis of the transaction.

6. India and Russia entered into several agreements in the fields of space, nuclear power and railways. Leaders of both countries spoke on a number of regional and global issues, including the US embargo on Iran’s crude oil imports.

7. Apart from helping in six nuclear power projects in India, it was also agreed to train astronauts for the India 2022 space mission ‘Gaganyaan’.

8. Putin, who brought in a top-level delegation with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Minister of Trade and Industry Danish Mantyarov said, “We have agreed to cooperate with India on the fight against terrorism and drugs smuggling.”

9. This is the third meeting of this year between PM Modi and President Putin after the May meeting in the city of Sochi in Russia and the bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the BRICS conference in South Africa. Russia is one of the two with which holds annual bilateral conferences. While the other country is Japan.

10. Russia and India have been close to each other since 1950 and Moscow has been the largest arms supplier. But, India-Russia trade has come down to 10 billion dollars annually.