The petition, filed by former Major Khalid Shah in Peshawar High Court, claims that Bajwa ought not to serve as he belongs to Qadiani community

A petition has been filed against Pakistan Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, for serving despite being an Ahmadi Muslim.

Qadianis, also known as Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan have been perceived and declared ''non-Muslims'' by the heads of all sects.

As per Pakistan's Constitution, a non-Muslim officer cannot be appointed as the army chief.

The plea also named the former DG ISI Rizwan Akhtar for failing to fulfil his duty as a Muslim by not informing the government that Bajwa is a ''non-Muslim''.

The petitioner used to study with Akhtar. 

In August, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government extended Bajwa's term by another three years.

The plea, filed by Shah, termed the army chief's extension as "illegal and invalid''.

Bajwa was appointed by erstwhile Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in November 2016.

Fifty-eight-year-old Bajwa previously served as the Commander of Rawalpindi Corps. He was also employed as the Inspector General, Training and Evaluation, at GHQ, a position earlier held by his predecessor Raheel Sharif.

As a brigadier, he served as the Chief of Staff at X Corps and commanded formation division in Northern Areas as the Formation Commander (FCNA).