A special team has developed a safety system for the Indian Army. It identifies alcohol and does not let the vehicle start if the driver is intoxicated

Jabalpur: In order to curb accidents, Captain Onkar Kale, along with his team has developed an integrated Vehicle Safety System for Army trucks. The device is programmed to detect alcohol and won’t start if the driver is under its effect. Moreover, the device would also detect if the driver is not wearing a seat belt and won’t let the vehicle start under the circumstance.

A few days ago, Major Anup Mishra had also said that the Indian Army has developed a level four bulletproof jacket in the Pune College of Military Engineering. He had also added that this jacket will help the soldiers guard against sniper rifles. Additionally, Major Mishra also received the Army Design Bureau Excellence Award for the jacket at the Army Technology Seminar on this achievement.

Not only this, but the Indian Army Dog Unit has also developed special bulletproof jackets and audio video surveillance system for the dogs involved in special operations relating to the Indian Army. This system is expected to prove beneficial in the surveillance of dogs during special operations.