The world has become ‘one’ because of coronavirus. For, it (the virus) doesn’t care about boundaries, politics or religion to inflict and cause disease

by Sanat Bhardwaj

In a tragedy unparalleled in human history in the last century, no country how remote is unaffected today. Countries developed or underdeveloped, people rich or poor are equally exposed to this lurking danger for its existence. The origin of this pandemic called novel Corona virus is not shrouded in mystery but is linked to a country China who had long history of stifling voices of its citizen crushing liberal values and destroying any semblance of democracy.

Yes it is communist China which is the epicentre of this pandemic and uninvited misery to humane world.

Today countries within their resources are in very initial stage in fight against the Coronavirus. The spread of this disease and the resultant casualties have been exponential till date, engulfing every nation with today’s figure numbering around 7 lac infected persons and over 30K death. With no vaccination and medication available against this disease humanity is stretched beyond its capacity in this fight.

But most conspicuous in this battle line is the absence of Communist and Left Liberal brigade who till date were mobilizing for Azadi from misery, disease and poverty. Esteemed colleges like JNU, Jamia, Jadavpur and Aligarh made international headlines in castigating the nation and the government. It was like a typhoon to see them becoming the sole voice in the Azadi fight. Some of the young icons who for their hidden, selfish and corrupt motives were visible in left funded electronic media and E news portal became the new public opinion makers. Electronic media especially has left orientation and some frustrated pseudo-intellectuals found regular prime time to vomit their sinister smile for the gullible middle class drawing room audience.

Come Corona, all have disappeared. Where are these Social activists / arm chair intellectuals/ Moneyed NGOs/ E news barons and patrons of the Azadi brigade? When it came to lead the nation from the worst of the impending danger, all fell silent. When it came to contributing money for the welfare of society all are sitting tight with their purse. When it came to volunteering for social, moral and local support you will not see a single communist.

Is there some connection or sympathy between the communist lordship of china and this charlatan group? Do they derive sadistic pleasure in seeing a dying mankind?

For someone who subscribes to the philosophy of Mao, Stalin, Hoxha, Ceaușescu and PolPot the trio who slaughtered more mankind then Hitler and Mussolini together, nothing is unbelievable. For someone who wishes to overthrow the democratically elected government through armed rebellion, nothing is unbelievable. For someone who is spoiling the young and gullible minds in colleges and universities to unite against the nation, nothing is unbelievable. For someone who idolizes Afzal Guru Burhan Wani and Yakub Memon nothing is unbelievable.

In this hour of crisis, they have exposed their role and mission for society and it is high time communists be exposed, ostracized and banished from the civilized society.