Chinese aggression isn't solely aimed at India, but also at others in the region like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam in the recent past

Countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan have also had to bear the brunt of its aggression.

Experts speculate that this could be to distract from the second wave coronavirus in the country or a tactic for China to bide for more time to take on the US.

The India-China faceoff in the Galwan valley has triggered panic across the globe. The Indian Army has confirmed the death of 20 personnel, while casualties on the Chinese side are yet to be confirmed. The tensions between the two Asian nations had been at a tipping point since May 5, when the standoff first came to light.

However, China’s military aggression is not only against India. In the last two weeks, it has been exhibiting hostile behaviour throughout the region — towards Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan among other nations.

Some believe that this is to distract from the second wave of the coronavirus that’s hit the country. The Chinese economy shrank for the first time in 50 years undermining the economic growth and job creation narrative that’s been at the core of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) political legitimacy.

Others believe that this is a ploy to simply buy time. In 2002, former President Jiang Zemin forecast a 20-year window before China would be in a position to exploit America in order to increase its own wealth and power.

Last week alone, Chinese fighter planes entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone thrice, according to the Taiwanese defence ministry — the most recent of which was on June 16 when Taiwan air force jets “drove away” a J-10 fighter.

China's J-10 Fighter

Prior to that, a Chinese Y-8 was warned to leave Taiwan’s air space on June 12 after several Su-30 fighters crossed over Taiwan and were also warned to leave on June 9, according to the defence ministry.

Last month, China sent the aircraft carrier Liaoning and its strike group on its first round-trip mission through the Miyako Strait — between the islands of Okinawa and Miyako — as Japan kept a wary eye on these developments.

The strait is located between Miyako and Okinawa

Over the past month, the Chinese Navy has conducted “mock battles” and “live-fire training” in the waterway to improve its “combat capabilities,” Over the past month, the Chinese Navy has conducted “mock battles” and “live-fire training” in the waterway to improve its “combat capabilities”

The Chinese Navy also deployed a survey vessel, armed China Coast Guard and “maritime militia” vessels to tail the West Capella — a drillship contracted by Malaysia’s national oil company.