Car which Javed Hussain was driving when he was caught

The driver of the two expelled Pakistani operatives -- Abid Hussain and Muhammad Tahir -- has also been declared as 'persona non grata' by the government and is likely to be expelled on Wednesday.

Sources told India Today that during the investigation by the Indian intelligence agencies, it was found that the driver, Javed Hussain, was also involved in the spy ring of Abid and Tahir.

Earlier, Javed told the Indian agencies that he used to drive both of them in and around the national capital.

Thirty six-year-old Javed, a native of Bhakkar in Pakistan, was apprehended by the police after questioning of Abid and Tahir.

Both the ISI operatives, Abid Hussain and Tahir Khan were expelled from India on Monday night on charges of espionage. They were caught red-handed by the Indian intelligence agencies while trying to get documents regarding the Indian Army's establishments in New Delhi

"The government has declared both these officials persona non grata for indulging in activities incompatible with their status as members of a diplomatic mission and asked them to leave the country within 24 hours," read a statement by the Ministry of Home Affairs issued on Sunday.

"Pakistan's Charge de Affaires was issued a demarche in which a strong protest was lodged concerning the activities of these officials of the High Commission of Pakistan against India's national security," the statement further read.

Both the suspects, along with Javed, were booked under the Official Secrets Act.

Sources said that during an investigation, some classified documents have been recovered which are being examined.

During the questioning, both the accused also revealed that they were trying to cultivate sources in the Indian Railways and the Indian Arms Forces as directed by the Pakistan intelligence agency ISI.

India Today has learnt that Abid was in process to lure a railway employee to acquire information about the movement of the Indian Army via trains.

Sources said that Abid Hussain used to introduce him as Gautam and brother of a journalist who was doing a story on the Indian Railways and he was ready to pay for the information.

Now, at least 12 Indian Army personnel and government officials are under the scanner after Indian expelled two Pakistan High Commission officials on charges of espionage, sources said.