New Delhi: India is keeping a close eye on the ongoing Pakistan Air Force war games code-named 'High Mark' involving its fighter and other aircraft fleets.

The wargames are being held over Pakistan air space and a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) had been issued by the Pakistan Air Force to inform about its aerial drills, government sources told ANI.

A close watch is being kept on their activities by the Indian Air Force as the Pakistani jets have been carrying out different manoeuvres including night time flying by its combat aircraft including Chinese JF-17, F-16s and Mirage-3s, sources said.

The Pakistani aircraft also have been practising drills like defending against night-time raids like the Balakot aerial strikes by the Indian Air Force in February last year, they said.

The Pakistani jets also flew extensively over Karachi city last night in practice missions.

Last month also, Pakistan had started flying night time sorties anticipating a retaliation by Indian Air Force after the death of a Colonel in an encounter in Handwara in Kashmir.