The conversation follows a controversy last week when President Trump had claimed that an “unhappy” PM Modi had spoken to him

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the tense situation on the Sino-Indian border in the wake of the military face-off with China in a “warm and productive” conversation with United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening.

In another important move, the US President also expressed his desire to expand the G-7 grouping to include India and invited PM Modi to attend the next G-7 Summit to be held at Camp David in the US sometime in September or later this year. The invite was welcomed by PM Modi who praised President Trump for his “creative and far-sighted approach”.

Other issues discussed during the phone call included the current civil unrest in the US following the death of an African-American man there as also the need for reforms in the World Health Organisation (WHO) amid the global Coronavirus pandemic.

“The two leaders also exchanged views on other topical issues, such as ... the situation on the India-China border,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement. The discussion on the situation at the Sino-Indian border by PM Modi in a conversation with a top leader of a third country shows the seriousness with which it is being viewed both by close strategic friends India and the US.

New Delhi said “the exceptional warmth and candour of the conversation reflected the special nature of the Indo-US ties, as well as the friendship and mutual esteem between both leaders”.

PM Modi too tweeted, “Had a warm and productive conversation with my friend President @realDonaldTrump. We discussed his plans for the US Presidency of G-7, the COVID-19 pandemic, and many other issues. The richness and depth of India-US consultations will remain an important pillar of the post-COVID global architecture."

This follows a controversy last week when President Trump had claimed that an “unhappy” PM Modi had spoken to him about the same issue but as it turned out, no such conversation had taken place then.

The MEA in its statement on Tuesday evening said that during the conversation, PM Modi also expressed “concern” regarding the ongoing civil disturbances in the US, and “conveyed his best wishes for an early resolution of the situation”. The US is currently experiencing severe unrest following the death of an African-American man there.

The MEA also said President Trump — while inviting PM Modi for the G-7 Summit — had conveyed his desire to “expand the ambit” of the G-7 grouping beyond the existing membership, “to include other important countries including India”.

New Delhi added, “Prime Minister Modi commended President Trump for his creative and far-sighted approach, acknowledging the fact that such an expanded forum would be in keeping with the emerging realities of the post-COVID world. The Prime Minister said that India would be happy to work with the US and other countries to ensure the success of the proposed Summit.”

India is not a member of the G-7 grouping that comprises Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, termed as seven of the "largest" advanced economies in the world. This time, apart from India, President Trump is also reportedly inviting leaders of Russia, South Korea and Australia to participate.

New Delhi also said the two leaders also discussed the Coronavirus pandemic and the “need for reforms in the World Health Organisation (WHO)”, just days after the US President announced termination of American funding to the WHO.