by Saurabh Dubey

I have a humble caveat, please read the following analysis with an open mind. I have attempted to keep it simple by connecting the past tumultuous global events with their corresponding cosmic alignments with examples. I have made a sincere attempt to perhaps take a guess of what could happen. Given the global circumstances, some of them seem pretty obvious, nonetheless I thought of digging deeper. Just prior to the build-up to these rare cosmic cusps its effects could be felt before, during and even after these alignments have passed. In midst of it many regimes and geographies have changed, and possibly that could be repeated. Apart from the above, during these transformational cosmic churns the world has, is and will witness drastic changes in societal values and structures, there will be quantum leaps in technological advancement as well. Even our way of living and ways of earning livelihoods, right down to how global commerce is conducted will be transformed. The prevalence of which we all are witnessing nowadays.

I have tried to explain only two concepts of astrology which are pertinent to the whole analysis: Mundane Astrology and Stellium. Mundane astrology deals with astrological charts of countries and their rulers in predicting the future of that country. Stellium is associated with a rare cosmic event, which means a group of planets when they are conjoined in one sign. There should be three or more planets to form a Stellium. Stellium indicates too much intense energy and it can be constructive or destructive according to the nature and degrees of the planets. And if it is during the eclipse then expect unimaginable upheavals. Stellium just few weeks before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic: This Stellium of six planets in Sagittarius had occurred on December 25, 2019 to December 27, 2019 in midst of a solar eclipse. Sagittarius indicates politics, administration, foreign relationships, rulers, law, foreign travels and so many things connected to law of the land. Needless to say, there were multiple challenges regarding all these matters throughout 2020 which have prolonged till today. The vengeance of Wuhan virus destroying lives and livelihoods world over. The 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war (27 September to 10 November, geographies changed) that saw Azerbaijan armed with Turkish and Israeli weapons, in which drones played a prominent role in reclaiming its territories and handing a resounding defeat to a much weaker Armenian Army. Both Trump & Netanyahu, till the last moment wanted a skirmish with Iran, remember the dastardly assassinations of Iran’s top nuclear scientist Fakrizadeh last November and that of the Shadow Commander Maj Gen Qasem Soleimani of the IRGC in January 2020. The most deplorable of them all, China’s Galwan perfidy (tried to change geography in Eastern Ladakh).

Mind you, events like these have happened even when there was no Stellium, but what sets this apart is that this rare cosmic event i.e., Stellium which occurs once in a few decades, is happening twice in a mind-bogglingly short span of fifteen months (Dec 26, 2019 and Feb 11, 2021). This could perhaps accelerate and exacerbate the severity of global events to follow and have an impact spanning many years if not decades to come, just like the Stelliums before them. Two Stelliums in tandem, is this humanity’s Karmic comeuppance? Philosophy aside, let’s explore more deeply this crazy churn in the cosmic cauldron.

Fresh examples, which we never thought that we would see in our lifetimes like the maniacal US Capitol siege and the demented display of anarchy at the Red Fort in the first two months of this year. To add to India’s troubles, a globally concerted propaganda war has been unleashed to besmirch the sanctity of India’s constitutional actions. Currently, Saturn is transiting in the sign of Capricorn (which is itself ruled by Saturn) from 25th January, 2020 and will stay in the same sign till 9th April, 2022. The most important detail here is that India is ruled by the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the 10th sign in the zodiacal hierarchy. It represents the following aspects related to the 10th house (House of Action) of the horoscope: Law and order, Parliament, politicians, Government (PM or President), ruler of state (dictators included) position and authority, challenges to rule of law (riots and anarchy), Nations’ prestige, world events, battlefield, ambitious people, famous people/celebrities and it even denotes means of livelihood/career/occupation.

Past example (India centric): When Saturn was in Capricorn from March 21, 1990 to March 5, 1993 the following major events had happened. May 1991, former PM Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. July, 1991 India’s major tryst with bold economic reforms happened. October, 1991 bomb blast in Lucknow by Sikh extremists killed 41 people. December, 1992 the demolition of the Babri mosque. March, 1993 the Bombay serial bombings (Terrorist attacks through a series of 12 bomb blasts). Major reforms, divisive anarchy and terrorist attacks (including a major assassination) the common thread.

Present example: Saturn in Capricorn from 25th January, 2020 to 9th April, 2022: Major reform like CAA, followed by Delhi riots (during Trump’s visit). Farm reforms in the same year resulting in anarchy and backlash this year which still continues. At this moment, these two reforms are causing a considerable stir, could there be one more on the anvil later in the year? Then there is the upcoming Bengal election, where deadly rhetoric could be matched by deadly actions. In the ensuing bedlam of this transit period, I shudder to bring up the topic of assassination of someone powerful either in India or abroad. Narrowing down on the perspective of the prolonged volatile nature of the Farmer protests: In ancient Roman religion and myth, Saturn (Latin: Saturnus) was a god of agriculture, liberation, and time. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god. It represents the labour class, people who are involved in sheer physical work like agriculture, mining, construction and other allied laborious activities/occupations. All the produce of earth, crops, grains, metals, minerals, ores, petroleum and allied natural resources are deeply associated with it. This conjunction is throwing many curve balls in all of the Horoscopic aspects mentioned above (law and order, prestige etc.) for our country and expect more of it in the coming months in varying manifestations across the world as well.

More troubling reports have come to the fore. The members of the Indo-Canadian community are being targeted with intimidating calls including threats of sexual violence against family members due to their questioning the rationale behind the ongoing farmers’ protests in India and opposing the Khalistani involvement in the movement which has gained menacing proportions. I am afraid the same could happen in the UK as well. What Covid 19 denied the Pakistani sponsored Khalistan project in their ‘2020 Referendum’ plan, they felt compensated by deriving a perverse pleasure due to what happened at the Red Fort and what still continues in other ways, most prominently the digital propaganda war against India. Khalistanis you have got the geography wrong but please honour your history and legacy, wiser to lay siege at Lahore. The Pakistani ‘State’ carries out genocide of your kith and kin on their soil with impunity even today and you can’t deny that. Sindhis want Sindhudesh, Balochis want Baluchistan, Pasthuns want Pathunistan, China wants entire Pakistan, it’s a long line. We will in time reclaim what is ours. Don’t be egged on by the people who themselves have no identity apart from their visceral and pathological hatred of India.

There is a silver lining in all of this, Saturn by its very nature is a Karmic planet, a tough task master and dispenser of justice, hopefully, the transgressions won’t go unanswered and certainly the perpetrators won’t go unpunished (internal and external enemies) and situation will stabilize, with occasional bursts of mayhem for India and the wider world included. The correlation between Stellium and the present Jupiter and Saturn conjunction with more pertinent examples follows in Part 2.

Big boy conjunctions big time problems: Jupiter and Saturn conjunction

On 8th November, 2019 Jupiter and Saturn came in conjunction in the sign Sagittarius. Till 21st November 2021 both these behemoths will keep transiting periodically in different signs i.e., the above date will be the last conjunction of the two big boys this year. Some major fireworks this year are expected. They will be back together only on 3rd June, 2039 to stir up the world again. I have shared limited examples of what they can do together, just before, during and even after their mighty conjunction, the impact of some of these events can last for years and in some cases even decades. Wars, revolutions (both in nations and in terms of breakthrough in technology) and coups are their specialty:

Jupiter plus Saturn in Capricorn (9th October 1961 to 24th February 1962): The decade that marked the beginning of the Cold War and Space race. Liberation of Goa was achieved in Operation Vijay under two days, 17th to 19th December, 1961, ending 451 years of Portuguese occupation. Please remember they both are in Capricorn (India’s sign) again till 21st November, 2021 (could geography Gods once again favour us, as in we reclaim our territories or at least start the process of it on our Western borders, if handed a chance). In November, 1961 there was a military coup in Belize. Then on 30th October, 1961, the detonation of the biggest hydrogen bomb by yield the Tsar Bomba (50 megatons) was tested by the erstwhile USSR. The Berlin Wall came up in August 1961 which was followed next year by Cuban missile crisis in October 1962. The cunning Chinese Communist Party saw the window and attacked India.

Jupiter plus Saturn in Leo (30th August 1979 till 3rd November 1979): The Islamic Revolution in Iran (which was also coup albeit a religious one), Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (which began under Brezhnev’s command by initiating a coup i.e., Operation Storm-333 followed by potent military deployment), Military coup in Bolivia in the same year.

Jupiter plus Saturn in Aries (26th May 1999 to 1st June 2000): In May 1999, Kargil backstab by Pakistan. Military coup by the now exiled Musharraf in October 1999. Another military coup in May 1999, this time in Guinea-Bissau.

Stellium plus Jupiter and Saturn conjunction, a deadly combination (Exceptionally rare cosmic clutter: In a span of fifteen months two stelliums i.e., December 2019 and February 2021 within a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction). It's interesting to note that Mars, the God of War isn't in the mix during this stellium. Wait for it, the Mighty General Mars will be meeting the rambunctious Rahu (North Node of the Moon) on 22nd February, 2021 to 14th April , 2021 in Taurus. The least said about them the better [Whenever Rahu is in Taurus, bedlam has broken out, Operation Blue Star (aftermath assasination), Godhra riots, 1965 Indo-Pak war (aftermath: ceasefire and assasination)]. Now this a mean line up for some menacing events, which perhaps will be beamed on the news channels around the world. With Mars aspecting Rahu one could also expect more sudden and deadlier natural calamities. Nobody could have predicted the glacier burst at Chamoli, Uttarakhand. I am not here to spread melancholy but just share what I could analyse, so please bear with me. 

Returning to Stellium, in which, 'more the merrier' is turned on its head into 'more the deadlier.' Mundane astrology states that if 5 or more planets come in one zodiac, there are major geopolitical changes in the country and the world, which last for several decades. In February 1962, there were 7 planets in the sign of Capricorn, the US and erstwhile USSR came close to a nuclear showdown in the 'Cuban Missile' crisis which led to decades of Cold War. The forgettable Indo-China war happened later that year. Then in the month of September 1979, the Stellium of 5 planets in the sign of Leo occurred. There was turmoil in the Islamic world due to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which led to the spread of Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan, Pakistan (though it became addicted to it) and India took some of the heaviest blows of its wrath. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan on Christmas Eve in 1979, two months after the Stellium. The ultimate result of that invasion was that in 1989, the deflated and fatigued ‘Red Army’ was driven out by the Mujahideen and the Western powers. The same year the Berlin Wall came down. Two years down, the USSR disintegrated into fifteen Republics. These world altering events and their occurrences during such critical cosmic alignments and their after effects spanning subsequent years and decades has to be more than just mere coincidences. There’s a pattern, at least that’s what I think.

Fast forward December, 2019 to the present and the potential for some big events to stretch themselves out in the coming months and years (including the Black Swan from Wuhan, which was unprecedented in its devastation):

Hotspots activated from December 2019 stellium right to the build up to February 2021 stellium and their possible impact playing out in the coming months or years: Lebanon (the apocalyptic Beirut port explosion last August, spine chilling visuals plus the protracted anti-government protests till this day). Azeris reclaimed crucial parts of Nagorno Karabakh (must admire their timing and gumption). Tunisia, the cradle of the 2011 Arab Spring is facing an ongoing tussle between its oppressive regime and citizens. Central African Republic: attempted coup and Big power competition just like Libya’s current situation. Mali and Nigeria are facing unhinged Islamist terror attacks. Myanmar (Textbook example of a bloodless military coup, the consequences are awaited). Just two days ago an attempted coup was foiled in Haiti.

Russia (Pro-Navalny & anti-Putin protests is heating up let’s see where it goes, mind you Putin is no Lukashenko, but the celestial storm could test that, Navalny recently exposed Putin’s alleged 1.4 billion USD palace ensconced on the Black Sea coast has riled up the Russians further). As an outside observer I think IF Putin goes then along with him Russia’s Far East will also go in the hands of our Northern hegemon. Turkey (Anti-Erdogan protests almost looking like an uprising, I would say good riddance if that happens). The fourth elections in two years in Israel this March, Mr Netanyahu (plus the corruption trial heat is on him) would like to take on Iran more aggressively along with the Saudis and Emiratis (given the potential that Biden administration wants to return to the JCPOA’s 2015 Iran nuclear deal which is the red line of Iran’s arch enemies). South America (Perhaps, President Bolsonaro could slip down further in the eyes of his citizens and be booted out). The not so United Kingdom could have to bid goodbye to Scotland, if there is a second referendum, for which the Scottish National Party is hell bent upon and rightly so (wish the Scots decisive success in their noble endeavour).

The Afghan peace deal could fall apart (I hope) as the unabated killings by the Taliban and the shadowy spy games of China and Pak combined with their desire/delusion to control Afghanistan unravels, if only they were good at Afghan history. On a separate note, there are talks of carving out a South Baluchistan for ensuring absolute security of ‘strategic’ Gwadar port and other Chinese ‘investments’. Sink hole called CPEC keeps surprising. Recently, Bangladeshi newspaper, The Daily Sun quoted Maj Gen Ayman Bilal of Pak army, “China has deployed me here to crush the Baloch movement and has given me a six-month task.” What’s more delusional is the fact that he goes on to say his task includes thwarting Iran’s conspiracies against CPEC. For a change its Iran now and not India! At China’s behest Pak will try to extinguish the just cause of Baloch independence with more ferocity, but there will be a brave Baloch backlash, expect a firestorm in the coming months there.

Bajwa’s hybrid regime has irreversibly hollowed out Pak’s capacity to continue as a viable state and an uptick in the ethno-separatist movements in every corner of that land poses an existential threat to that fractured country again. To divert attention, expect a misadventure. Hence, the constant crying wolf of a false flag attack. Moving onto the other iron brother. The upcoming centenary of the CCP this July will be an incentive enough for a beleaguered Xi to make it a grand spectacle. His ambush hunters can’t handle a bulked-up and vigilant India at the LAC which is cocked, locked and ready to rock. The ‘Emperor’ might train his guns at a smaller and more manageable target, Taiwan. You never know, maybe he would like to go for the bigger prize at the LAC (Vinaashkaali Viprit Buddhi). In the meanwhile, Japan is being harrowed near its Senkaku islands too. Showdown in the South China Sea could be in the offing as well, presenting an ideal stress test for the Quad.

This one bothers me particularly, but geopolitics being the way it is, this is another time bomb waiting to explode: The 45-year-old decaying fuel vessel (FSO Safer), abandoned near the western port of Hodeida since 2015, has 1.1 million barrels of crude on board, and a rupture or explosion would have disastrous environmental and humanitarian consequences. Apart from corrosion to the aging vessel, essential work to curb explosive gases in its storage tanks has been neglected. Ironically, earlier this January, the UN inspection Team had pushed a previous deadline and extended to this March to pursue the critical inspection challenge. It’s a miracle that sparks from the protracted war in Yemen haven’t descended on the floating time bomb, yet. I pray it is salvaged in time. The next two and a half years 

I simply end by saying, I am no soothsayer nor a prophet of doom. This is an amateur analysis as I am just a keen follower of this esoteric science and not a learned scholar. May whatever that happens, happens for the greater good.

Saurabh Dubey tracks military and aerospace issues closely. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN