Adani Group engaged Z-Axis drone model for the demonstration of its anti-drone system

Adani Defence Systems and Technologies Ltd demonstrated anti-drone system to government agencies after receiving conditional exemption from the ministry of civil aviation, CNBC-TV18 has learnt.

The conditional exemption was given to Adani Defence for demonstration of counter-drone system to government organisations using drones.

The Adani Group company engaged Z-Axis Unmanned Machines Pvt Ltd to operate the drone models for the demonstration, sources said.

The demonstration is in line with government's plan to install counter-drone system at airports in order to be ready to tackle any unwarranted unmanned aerial vehicle.

The ministry of civil aviation is expected to invite more companies for demonstration of such products. Interested players include the likes of Sagar Defence, IdeaForge among others.

As India gradually opens up to use of unmanned aircraft systems or drones for various purposes under a regulated ecosystem, the government has issued a standard operating procedure to prevent drone attacks on viral security installations.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has also already issued a circular on basic requirements and technical specifications for counter-drone technology, solutions for surveillance detection and neutralization of drones for airports.

Separately, BCAS has also prepared security programme template of remotely piloted aircraft.

Based on ministry of Home affairs standard operating procedure for handling threats from sub-conventional aerial platform in the country, BCAS has also prepared a standard operating procedure on steps to be followed for stopping of civilian flight on detection of flying objects.

Rule 15A has also been inserted in Aircraft Rules, 1937 and DGCA has also issued Civil Aviation Requirements to regulate manufacture and operation of drones. DigiSky platform has also been launched for regulating drone activities.

It is important to note that DGCA is the nodal organisation to deal with the matter related to drones.