Kabul: The violence is surging in Afghanistan with the pull out of foreign forces from the country. The situation has caused immense anxiety in the Pakistani administration about the challenges that Pak may have to go through.

Author Syed Talat Hussain, while writing in Gulf News informed, that Pakistan has always expressed that Afghanistan should decide its own future through an inclusive government but foreign forces cannot create an enabling environment for this goal.

Kabul's government has always relied upon foreign support to stay in power and implement its decisions in various parts of the country. And now the violence remains centre of the country, so many people lost their lives due to bombings and attacks, but the Afghan government is somehow functioning in the country.

In case of opposition attacks on the country, the Afghan government needs to assemble kinetic support, both aerial and ground to repulse the challenge. But with the withdrawal of US forces, that way of managing government and ground opposition has completely collapsed in Afghanistan.

The Gulf News also reported that the US and other foreign forces have withdrawn technical advisers as well, whose expertise has been a source of guidance and a bridge to connect with the western capitals. There is a complete set of uncertainty among Afghan top command as the keystone of support is now gone.

And this fact is strong enough to spread anxiety among the bordering countries of Afghanistan. Especially, in Pakistan, the country hopes that everything should take place in the desired way and the US be able to make the Taliban stick to its deal that assures peace to end the decades-old war in Afghanistan.

But the Taliban land capturing winnings are excellent. There is not a single day when the Taliban does not capture new areas. This shift of power can create great problems and may even lead to a full-fledged civil war.

Author Syed Talat Hussain mentioned that being geographically contiguous, Pakistan cannot escape the blowback of such a development. While the border between the two countries is being fenced, it is a race against both time and history to bet on barbed wires restricting refugees from coming to Pakistan.

Focusing on the potential refuge, Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed to close down the country's border with Afghanistan and this decision shows how deeply Islamabad is concerned about the situation.

As of now, the dice seems very difficult to come in favour of Pakistan as the Taliban is getting more and more powerful with the going back of foreign troops.