Amsterdam: The Baloch National Movement organised a series of protests in major cities of the world to make the international community aware of Pakistani "atrocities" in Baluchistan.

Central spokesman for the Baloch National Movement (BNM) in a media statement said that the party's ongoing international awareness campaign focused on Baloch "genocide" and Pakistani state "atrocities" in Baluchistan. As part of the international campaign, different zones of the Baloch National Movement protested internationally.

A protest was held in Belfield city Germany, in Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands and Busan, South Korea.

Protesters carrying placards, banners and pictures of the disappeared Baloch persons chanted slogans against Pakistani atrocities in Baluchistan.

In the demonstration organised by Baloch National Movement Germany Zone, participants of the protest shared awareness by speaking to the passers by and handing over leaflets to them about the enforced disappearance of Sanam Jamil, a 10-year-old girl who was abducted by Pakistani forces in Washuk along with her six-year-old brother Ghazin Jamil and other family members.

It also underlined the ongoing Pakistani state "barbarism" in Baluchistan and about the Hoshab incident in which two minor siblings were killed by the security forces in district Turbat of Baluchistan.

German right activists Rafal and other activists took part in the BNM's demonstration, expressing solidarity with the Baloch nation and condemning Pakistani "oppression" and Baloch "genocide" in Baluchistan.

Nadeem Saleem, former joint secretary of the BNM Germany zone, said in his address that Pakistan was committing "genocide" of the Baloch nation and the civil bureaucracy was trying to cover up the "war crimes" of the Pakistan army. In recent incidents, Deputy Commissioner Kech has "distorted" the evidence in Taj Bibi's murder case. Similarly, in the Hoshab incident, once again Deputy Commissioner Kech tried to "cover up the crime" of the paramilitary forces.

He said that Pakistan is creating a new history of oppression by coming up with a new strategy to suppress the intellect of the Baloch nation. In Hoshab, not only minors were "killed" but also attempts were made to forcefully "bury the martyred children" along with other tactics to prevent the family from protesting.

Jabbar Baloch, unit secretary of the Baloch National Movement, said that Pakistan is a "terrorist state".

Wherever there is a terrorist incident in the world, its "fabric goes towards Pakistan and its terrorist army" and its spy agency ISI, Jabbar said.

Therefore, "we request all the countries of the world to stop providing financial assistance to Pakistan as this aid is spreading terrorism not only in Balochistan but across the world," Jabbar added.

BNM member Badal Baloch said that "genocide" of the Baloch people is going on in Balochistan by Pakistan.

Neither the elderly nor the children and women are spared in this genocide and Pakistani oppression is on the rise, Badal said, adding, it becomes our national responsibility to expose the human rights violations in Balochistan to the civilized world. BNM Germany Zone members Shar Hassan Baloch, Majid Baloch, Abdul Hameed and other speakers addressed the protest.

They said that Pakistan has turned Baluchistan into a "military cantonment". It is the duty of civilised nations to take notice of the state forces killing the oppressed Baloch, they added. Demonstrators distributed a pamphlet in German and English language to locals detailing the "killings" of children in the Hoshab incident and the "disappearances" of children in Washuk and killings of the previously missing persons in fake encounters of Pakistan's Counter-Terrorism Department.

The Baloch National Movement Netherlands Zone also organised a protest against the Baloch "genocide", the enforced "disappearance" of children in Washuk and the killing of children in Hoshab. The demonstration took place in Dam Square in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. It was attended by a large number of people. Protesters held banners, placards and pictures of missing and killed children by Pakistani forces.

Addressing the protesters, BNM Netherlands Zone President Kiyya Baloch said that they have been hearing stories of "oppression" and cruelty for the last seven decades.

The "barbarism" of the Pakistani army is increasing day by day, Kiyya said, adding, Pakistan is committing genocide of the Baloch nation and today, the world is a silent spectator to the Baloch genocide.

Kiyya also underlined that in past, Pakistan had also committed the genocide of Bengali nation.

Expressing his views, Shakir Baloch said that Pakistan Army does not forgive our children, women and the elderly.

They are being picked up and disappear and The Baloch nation, a victim of Pakistani barbarism, is looking to the world to move us forward to save us from this human tragedy, said Shakir, adding, we want to ask whether the Baloch have no right to live in this world ? "Aren't Baloch rights considered as human rights?"

In front of Suyeong-Gu Gwangalli Beach, BNM South Korea Zone organised a protest demonstration against the recent incidents and gross human rights violations of the Baloch nation by Pakistani forces.