Addressing a public gathering, Omar Abdullah said that the terrorists did not belong to Pakistan but to Jammu and Kashmir

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Sunday gave a clean chit to Pakistan for violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Addressing a public gathering, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said that the terrorists did not belong to a foreign country but to the valley region. He further said that 'resentment' was the reason behind the people of Jammu and Kashmir taking up terrorism.

Omar Abdullah Questions Article 370

"When I was the Chief Minister and Sajad Kichloo was the Minister of State for Home Affairs, we got removed bunkers from Srinagar and we even thought that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) will be removed as there were no terrorist activities taking place", said Omar Abdullah. The NC leader added, "Now, again terrorist activities have started taking place, and no place feels safe anymore. From Kupwara to tunnel, all places from where we removed signs of terrorism, it has started emerging again."

"The people conducting terrorist activities are not from outside, they are from Jammu and Kashmir," said Omar Abdullah, citing the example of a recent encounter. "Last week, three were killed in Srinagar, of which one had resorted to terrorism only in 2019, but we were told no one will pick up guns and bombs post-August 5, 2019," the NC leader further added, asking 'Is it happening?'