New Delhi: The extension of jurisdiction in states is in favour of the country and its people. It will help to keep strict vigil on infiltration. Installation of an anti-drone system is in progress in sensitive areas, the Border Security Force (BSF) said on Tuesday.

The BSF is an elite border guarding Armed Force of the Union for ensuring security of Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh borders. Raised on 1st December 1965 after the Indo-Pakistan War.

Adequate technological and surveillance methodologies have been incorporated to deal with new emerging threats along the western border including vulnerable patches for effective border domination. Border flood lights have been replaced with new LED lights. Installation of the Anti Drone system is in progress in sensitive areas. Laying improvised wire obstacles, concertina coil, barbed-wire, bamboo obstacles and intruder alarms along IBBF and vulnerable areas.

The BSF works with state police to strengthen the security and curb other criminal activities in these places.

BSF is also tasked to ensure policing of border areas and check trans-border crimes thereby inculcating a sense of security in the border population.

"Length of border manned by BSF is 6386.36 Km, Indo-Pak Border of 2289.66 km, International Border, LoC deployment more than 435 km out of 772 Km under operational control of Army, and Indo-Bangladesh border of 4096.70 km," the BSF added.

During this year, BSF has seized narcotics total 18,033 kg, 504 kg from Western Front, 17528 kg from Easter Front. Total 130, 88 arms have been seized from Western Front, 42 from Eastern Front. Total 5461 ammunitions; 5369 from WF, 92 from EF, have been seized. Meanwhile, 3636 people have also been apprehended, of which 154 are from WF and 3482 from EF.