Pannu said that the Free Khalistan Referendum campaign began on January 5 when 'Tirange wale (Indians)' fled from Punjab to Delhi, while 'Khande and Kesri wale (Sikhs)' forced India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi to flee Punjab

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the leader of the terrorist group Sikhs For Justice, has released yet another incendiary video in which he threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that Khalistanis are ready to secede Punjab from India. Pannu often uploads incendiary videos to his YouTube channel in order to incite Sikhs in Punjab to oppose India.

In this video, he is heard declaring that the Free Khalistan Referendum movement began on January 5 and that the people of Punjab have begun their journey toward freedom.

Drawing PM Modi and the Indian government’s attention towards his incriminating speech, Pannu said that the Free Khalistan Referendum campaign began on January 5 when ‘Tirange wale (Indians)’ fled from Punjab to Delhi, while ‘Khande and Kesri wale (Sikhs)’ forced India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to flee Punjab.

Further issuing veiled threats to the Indian government, the banned terrorist organisation chief said that Punjab has taken the first steps toward independence. Punjab’s people have made their decision today. Modi and his government should pay attention, he said adding, that when “Indira had arrived with arms, they had returned the favour” (referring to the former PM Indira Gandhi’s assassination).

He added, “You all came to instil fear in Punjab, but the people of Punjab forced you to return home quietly.”

He further said that the Khalistan Referendum movement is based on votes rather than bombs and they would use this power of votes to free Punjab from the clutches of India. Pannu added that Punjab has decided that the referendum in Punjab will be held at the time when Assembly elections would be taking place in Punjab in 2022 and any political party that stands against Kesari, whether it is the Congress’s Channi, Sidhu, the BJP, or the ‘Jhadu wale (AAP),’ they would be imprinted with the Khanda.

“Those who support Tiranga must leave Punjab and relocate to Delhi”, Pannu added.

ISI-backed Khalistan ideologue Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of the banned organization Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has always indulged in provocating Sikh individuals living in India especially those who agree with the Khalistani movement. The SFJ chief, who has been coordinating referendum votes in the United Kingdom and other countries, has repeatedly stated in his previous speeches that the SFJ would hold a referendum in Punjab during the 2022 Assembly elections.

In another video released on January 11, Pannu asked Sikh youths to hoist the Khalistani flag on India Gate and remove the Indian flag from India Gate as well as from every corner in Delhi. Pannu declared an award of USD 2.5 lakh for anyone who hoists the Khalistani flag on India gate. He further threatened the Indian government, saying that if peaceful protests were not allowed, the Sikhs would not hesitate to join the armed insurrection.

In fact, two days before the Golden Temple lynching on December 18, Pannu, who was, last year in September, booked for issuing assassination threats to former Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh, wrote to Pakistan PM Imran Khan seeking his intervention in the Referendum and ‘Fall of Delhi’. Pannu had written to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to support SFJ to “Free Punjab” and form “Khalistan”.