Tokyo: Japan and ASEAN are joining hands to enhance economic stability and security related issues.

Dr Rizal Sukma, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta said, "We, of course, really rely on this security and stability in the Indo Pacific. I think an open Indo-Pacific will benefit not only Indonesia but also benefit other countries as well because this is the most important condition for trade to take place, which is the sea routes, the maritime domains must be secured and also must be stable."

"ASEAN really expects Japan to play a more active security role and I think ASEAN Outlook on the Pacific will provide a new platform for ASEAN and Japan to work and cooperate on security methods even more. ASEAN and Japan now should really expand their cooperation to include much more activities in the security area as well, not only on economic cooperation. Because we do have common challenges we are facing in the Indo-Pacific," Sukma said.

Thailand authority analyses the concept of Free Open Indo Pacific.

Dr Pongphisoot Busbarat, Assistant Professor at Chulalongkorn University said, Japan's contributions to economic development and connectivity in the region and in Thailand in particular so tremendously you know helped these countries emerge as emerging economies and could play important roles in the world economy.

"I believe the concept has a great prospect to be welcomed by Thai policymakers and Thai people within the Thai public. The perceptions of Japan is very positive and I believe in other countries as well. And I think the promotion of FOIP by Japan will even improve and confirm these public perceptions of Japan's constructive role in the region at large. Thai Japanese relations in particular, is always warm and friendly. So Japan's constructive role throughout more than Thailand's economic development will pave a strong and solid background and foundation for our relationship," Busbarat said.

Free and Open Indo-Pacific concept is expanding widely from Southeast Asia, India to Africa. It guarantees safety, peace, economic prosperity, and a strong human tie.