Antonov An-225 also known as Mryia is claimed to be the world's largest plane equipped with three jet engines on each wing and is also the single unit ever made.

Amid the Ukrainian crisis, there have been reports suggesting that the world's largest aircraft has been destroyed. However, there has been no official confirmation on this matter. Claimed as the world's largest plane Antonov An-225 was last recorded at the Hostomel Airport (GML).

According to the recent flight data, an aircraft with the registration number UR-82060 has been at Hostomel Airport since its last landing there on 5 February 2022.

The plane is known for its humongous size. The enormous plane carries three jet engines on each wing and more wheels than a normal plane. As per the unconfirmed reports, chances are that the engineering marvel Antonov An-225 also known as Mryia has been destroyed amid the war in Ukraine.

As per the viral videos on Twitter, an air assault operation was launched at the Hostomel Airport, the last landing place for Antonov An-225. In the video, huge screens of black smoke can be seen rising up from the ground.

Helicopters may also be seen heading towards Hostomel Airport in another video recorded from a different viewpoint. The airport is only 25 kilometres from Kyiv, and some speculate that Russian forces intend to use it to carry heavy equipment into the country near its capital. However, there is no confirmation on the report yet official confirmation is awaited on the matter.