ASTR Defence a defence company based out of Bangalore has designed and developed India's first pistol. ASTR is a licensed defence equipment innovator developing advanced next generation weapon systems catering to the needs of India's military and security forces to counter India's technologically advancing adversaries.

ATAL 9mm & ATAL 0.032 ACP

The ATAL 9mm is made for the military and law enforcement. The ATAL 0.32 ACP for civilian use.


The company has also developed Indra a modular Assault Rifle family that provides 6 Calibres and 5 Different Configurations platform to the user. The indigenously designed, developed and manufactured Selective Fire Rifle comes in 6 Calibres and 5 configurations with more than 75% parts commonality. Indra assault rifle family combines proven operating principles that have been used in military weapons for many decades and innovative features that make the weapon modular, light weight, ergonomic, compact, accurate and highly reliable in most difficult operating conditions.


The other hi-tech products are the RDS developed is a compact, easy to use and parallax free enclosed sight with unlimited eye relief developed for assisting a shooter in maintaining accuracy during quick-reaction, close combat or Urban battle scenarios. Measuring just 58mm in length and 120 grams, it can easily be mounted on an assault Rifle, Carbine, SMG and Machine pistols.


ASTR Prismatic Battle Scope is a Compact, Lightweight Day Sight available in 4x or 6x Magnification. With an effective range of 800m, it is suitable for for both Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns. With a wide field of view and exceptionally short length, the sight is suitable for rapid target engagement at close range as well as long range.

ASTR is currently working on cutting edge technology to provide the Indian armed forces with unmatched weapon systems.