The Border Security Force (BSF) on Monday said it seized a Pakistani fishing boat from the Harami Nala creek area near the Arabian sea in Gujarat's Kutch district, which is close to the Indo-Pak border.

It was on Sunday around 8.30 PM during routine patrolling that BSF troops noticed the movement of two Pakistani fishing boats and four or five Pakistani fishermen near border pillar number 1,160 on the international border.

Suspicious, they immediately reached the spot after crossing the swamps and drains on foot.

On the other hand, seeing the approaching BSF patrol, the Pakistani fishermen took advantage of the marshy terrain and fled back into Pakistani territory.

Pakistani Fishing Boat Seized

The BSF patrol chased the fishermen and seized one Pakistani fishing boat about 100 meters inside the Indian territory near border pillar 1,160.

The seized boat was thoroughly checked but nothing suspicious was found except some fish, fishing nets and fishing equipment. However, intensive search of the area is on.