Islamabad: Pakistan's Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari on Saturday said that the United States attempted to topple the Pakistani government by sending threatening words and is now making false denial.

"Has the US government ever spoken the truth? It has always been telling lies to the world. It even lied to the UN about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But later the lies were exposed, showing that the US spoke blatant lies to very prestigious senior officials of the UN," Xinhua News Agency reported quoting Mazari's video message.

The official said that Pakistan should know that all denials coming from the United States are a pack of lies.

"The US threatened regime change in Pakistan and targeted Prime Minister Imran Khan. The United States said that it will forgive Pakistan if Khan is removed as Prime Minister," the minister added, according to Xinhua.

The minister said that the Pakistani Prime Minister was targeted because he took a stand against the United States and tried to take decisions on his own.

Earlier on Friday, Khan said while addressing an event that the United States showed displeasure when he visited Russia, adding that as a sovereign country, Pakistan has the right to have an independent foreign policy without being influenced by anyone.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that an official demarche has been made through official channels to the US embassy in Pakistan.