The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximately quantity 250 Long Range Satellite Navigation System Guided Missile (LRSGM) from registered Indian vendors.

The first part of the RFI incorporates operational characteristics and features that should be met by the equipment. Few important technical parameters of the proposed equipment are also mentioned. The second part of the RFI states the methodology of seeking response of vendors.

Intended Use of Equipment (Operational Requirements)

For farther targets, it is imperative to avoid enemy Air Defence and still maintain high probability of hitting the targets. This can be achieved by use of weapons with long ranges while ensuring minimal losses. Therefore a long range stand off weapon is an operational requirement to improve targeting deep set targets. The LRSGM is envisaged to be a Long range precise air to ground supersonic weapon which can enhance the standoff ranges of aircraft. The supersonic all weather day/night stand-off weapon is to be equipped with multipurpose warhead configuration suitable for various types of targets, including command and control centres, air bases, logistics centres, bunkers, munitions’ storage and other key infrastructure facilities. The LRSGM are intended to be installed on fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force using standard suspension system.

Quantity Required And Anticipated Delivery Timelines

As per the RFI 250 Long Range Satellite navigation system Guided Missile (LRSGM) is required. The anticipated delivery timelines for the First-off-Production-Model should not be later than 24 months from the date of award of contract. All the deliveries should be completed by not later than 48 months from date of award of contract.