Islamabad: A Pakistan journalist Asad Kharal is running fake propaganda and spreading misleading news against India.

In a fact check by Digital Forensics, Research and Analysis Centre (DFRAC), it was revealed that Kharal is using the digital medium Twitter to fulfil his 'wicked agenda' and defame India.

Kharal shared an alleged video of a mob lynching attributed to "Hindu terrorists". Further, he gave the caption to his post, "Another inhumane act of extremist Hindu terrorists in India Extreme criminal silence and hypocrisy of these atrocities by international human rights organizations and so-called human rights activists."

His tweet was retweeted more than three thousand times. Likewise, another social media account who have shown its location, Kuwait shared a video with a similar claim.

Similarly, many other social media users have shared this video targeting "Hindu terrorists" and trying to give communal colour to the incident to disturb India's internal peace.

However, using the InVID tool on different frames of the video, DFRAC found that actually, this is an old video. The incident is of Madhya Pradesh related to the child-lifting rumour in which one person was killed and six were in Dhar.

The victims were visiting Borlai village to ask some labourers. The person who was killed in this was identified as Ganesh. And, the incident was nowhere related to any communal issue. It matter was a money dispute. Moreover, Police had investigated the people accused, reported DFRAC.

Hence, the fact check proves that no communal angle was involved in the incident. Therefore, the claims of the social media users are fake as well as reprehensible.

This comes after Pakistan is once again using social media to defame India after a row over remarks on Prophet Mohammad by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma during a TV debate.

With a lot of baseless and misleading news playing with the minds of people, the digital medium of Pakistan and the users have shared many fake news.

Several countries including Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Maldives, Oman, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iran have strongly condemned Sharma's remark on Prophet Mohammed while Iran, as well as Qatar, have released statements that they are satisfied with the Indian government's actions against the leader who made the controversial remark about the Prophet Mohammed, DFRAC stated.

The remark by Nupur Sharma on a TV debate was criticized all over the country as well as internationally. After the controversy caught fire, BJP suspended the membership of Nupur Sharma and expelled Naveen Jindal.