US aerospace major Boeing, which has been a part of India's aerospace sector for 75 years is readying its F/A-18 Super Hornet carrier for the Indian Navy.

Recently, Boeing demonstrated the "Super Hornet" to the Indian Navy in Goa and claims it is the ideal fit for India's naval carriers and will complement its existing cooperation.

Parker said if the Indian Navy acquires the Super Hornet, it is getting the most advanced carrier aircraft in the world. From last year onwards, Boeing is delivering to the US Navy, the block three configuration.

"The Super Hornet is the most advanced aircraft and it has 30-40 years of life for the Indian Navy. It has got all the latest census, it has got a really powerful radar for detecting threats. We really do believe it is the right choice in the Navy," he said.

On localising defence production, he said Boeing is focused on building production capacity in India, "We have got a package that we think is very very compelling $3.6 billion over 10 years, and is focused on engineering and manufacturing, as well as work that we can put in the country."

"But from a Boeing perspective, our track record in India, we believe, humbly, is second to none. When we make a commitment, we honour that commitment, we are going to do the same with Super Hornet. It is about developing indigenous Indian capability so that India can produce products longer term and export," he added.